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Waddle Waddle

Waddle Waddle is a unique strategy game that features the designer's own photographs of penguins in the wild, taken in Antarctica, and a game board made from a map of the regions around Antarctica. Waddle Waddle's blend of open drafting, set collection, area of control, and push-your-luck is as fun to play as it is beautiful to watch, and you'll learn something penguins along the way too. Game play is lightning fast, with minimal downtime. Whether you're playing two or six players, it's your turn before you know it.
In Waddle Waddle, you play the role of a Penguin Scientist, specializing in a particular Penguin Species. Your job is to study penguins as they leave the Ice Floe and travel to their nesting grounds in the Antarctic region, called Rookeries. There’s safety in numbers, so penguins travel in groups called Waddles. As a Scientist, you tag Waddles, scoring Research Points for each Waddle.
Waddles that contain Mating Pairs make Nests. Score extra Research Points at the end of each Breeding Season if you tag the most Nests in a Rookery. You also get player-specific bonuses when you tag the Nests of the Penguin Species your Scientist specializes in.
Each penguin is represented by a Penguin Card with a number indicating its pecking order in the penguin social hierarchy. Only compatible penguins will travel together. There are six different Penguin Species that each like to nest in different places. You’ll need to carefully choose the Penguin Cards from the Ice Floe to score the most Research Points.
Food is scarce! There is a limited fish supply at each Rookery. It costs one fish to play each Waddle. You might need to send penguins on a Fishing Trip to find more fish. And finally, beware of Predators that appear each Breeding Season and make it harder for Waddles to land at each Rookery. The player with the most Research Points at the end of the game earns the title Top Researcher.

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Brushtail Games

Brushtail Games

Brushtail games is a local board game design company that is publishing its first game: Waddle Waddle. Waddle Waddle is an educational game that features photos of penguins in the wild in Antarctica, and accurate map of the polar region, and a lot of fun penguin facts.