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Worlds of Hidden Earth

Welcome to the Worlds of Hidden Earth! From the fantastical imaginations of Don and Janet, creative makers since the 1980s, comes a universe of new worlds chock full of treasures, surprises, and discoveries! You'll definitely want to add their exhibit to your must-see list! Feast your eyes on their amazing Award-winning Steampunk Artistry including 3D Steampunk Weaponry and Steampunk Armor, AI Fantasy Graphics all of which are emcompassed into their Epic High Fantasy Series: Worlds of Hidden Earth. Meet the amazing makers, Don and Janet, to get their autographs and/or take photos. From the Worlds of Hidden Earth Series prepare to meet n' greet - take photos - and get autographs from the author, Janet Beasley, the main character Iona the warrior queen, her sidekick Wiskee, and Sir Bwana from Book 7 Planet Fire. Balthazar's (award-winning) warrior armor will be on display too - another creative piece and character (an automaton, hand crafted by Don and Janet) from Book 7 Planet Fire! Don and Janet have collectively combined all of their award-winning talents as makers into a fantasical realm you have to experience to believe!

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Categories: ArtContent CreatorCosplaySteamPunkWriting and Publishing

Exhibit Zone: Spirit - East

Exhibit Space: SF30 (Subject to Change)

Exhibit Number: 23-135


Janet and Don Beasley

Janet and Don Beasley

Welcome to the Worlds of Hidden Earth! With a personal inviation from Angel Studios to submit a professional short video for consideration of feature films and/or series - you're gonna wanna see this exhibit! Be transported into never-before-seen realms of creative genius and become an instant fan of this up and coming visually stunning universe! Makers Janet and Don are eclectic, award-winning artists who possess fantastical imaginations in the realms of making creative AI graphics, awe-inspiring steampunk weaponry, jaw-dropping steampunk artwork, and extremely creative authorship of a completed 8 novel high epic fantasy adventure that presents new worlds, cultures, and languages. Their steampunk art received People's Choice award twice at Orlando Museum of Art First Thursday events. The Beasleys have exhibited at Maker Faire Orlando in the past and have received many kudos and interest. (They chose to take a break from exhibiting to care for elderly parents) As returning exhibitors, this dynamic duo is upping their game! Once known as BeaslePunk, they are now known as Worlds of Hidden Earth. They've strategically expanded their unique maker abilities by incorporating their steampunk creations (weaponry, art, armor, and costuming) into their completed 8 novel series which is being presented for consideration by a professional guild to move forward into the production of either feature films or a series. Their certified therapy/service dog, Brimley, is also trained in agility and TV and film, and makes appearances as the popular dog character found in the Beasley's World's of Hidden Earth series. Janet appears as the artist and author of the series - of course wearing her steampunk best. Don appears as an artist and a popular steampunk adventure character, sir Bwana (complete with 10' wings) from Worlds of Hidden Earth Book 7 Planet Fire. Also from Book 7 Don and Janet's prize creation will be present...the amazing armor of the steampunk warrior, Balthazar. The Beasleys are the makers of all of their stunning costumes as well. In addition, the pinnacle appearance is made by the protagonist of the entire series, Iona - an Irish warrior queen played by a local actress. The exhibit by this team is chock full of eye-candy and wonderment, and transports fans into multiple worlds beyond their wildest dreams.