The event is here, and we’ve filled the buildings and the park!

Please do not apply to exhibit at this point, we will not be able to accept any additional exhibits.

There is no fee to exibit at Maker Faire Orlando. There is a small ($50 / $100 depending on type of exhibit) fee for individuals, small companies and startups to sell products you make at the event. Larger companies are encouraged to sponsor Maker Faire Orlando which includes significant sponsor benefits.


Getting Started:

 New: Enroll in our Registering for Maker Faire Orlando online course (its really quick!) to see screen-by-screen instructions (or use the simple instructions below.)

Step 1: Register for the Maker Faire Orlando Website. Note, we’ve replaced our old “Call For Makers” system with new features directly on this site. You will need to create a new account.

Step 2: Create a Maker Profile on the  Maker Dashboard on the My Account menu. Note: this page is only available once you’ve registered, verified, and logged in.

Step 3: Create an Exhibit Proposal attached to your Maker Profile. We will notify you about your proposal status as we do our rounds of approvals. The status of your exhibit proposals is visible on the My Account page. Please note that exhibits are approved by a curation process in several rounds, and are not approved based on submission date order.

Have any questions? Email us at