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“ReCycles” are art bicycles made from recycled items we use in everyday life. They are a new way of looking at used junk; Imaginative, creative and best of all – Recycled!

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iBrick Academy will be offering information on upcoming programs, camps, after school programs and more.

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We are a School MakerSpace program. We started in September 2014. Our students meet once a week after school to learn about 3D printing, robotics, electronics, and computer programming. Our students were introduced to these topics in the fall and chose a project for our first MakerFaire that they would complete during the spring semester. It has been a very busy year, but has been amazing. We enjoyed showing off what we learned at our MakerFaire and we would like to showcase our projects at the Orlando MakerFaire.


The ProtoVoltaics Pick and Place Machine replaces hand placement of SMD parts with a fully fuctional Pick and Place. The machine accurately places 1000 parts per hour. It uses computer vision so there is never any errors. Also, it has automatic part feeders and automatic tool changing so it can complete any job, and never need to be babysat. This machine will bring manufacturing back to the makers!


Orlando based painter of robots, featuring Apollo the Hero


The exhibit will display a prototype delta CNC router, a delta style 3D printer and examples of rapid prototyping. A wind thing that is made from 3D printed parts. A model engine to house a usb drive. We have incorporated the wind thing into a hat which is worn by John Hildebrand.


I will be handcrafting mixed media robot sculptures with polymer clay, coiled wire and paint through out the day.


woodwinds made from bamboo


Detailed planning, design, manufacturing and lasers come together in my large and small, tabletop and suspended lanterns.

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Pami Pocket Cell Phone Purse- No Pockets? No Purse? No Problem! The most comfortable, convenient way to keep your cell phone “on you” when you don’t have pockets in what your wearing.

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We will be demonstrating Ham Radio in multiple modes, including HF digital and voice communications. Patrons will have the opportunity to observe licensed amateurs operate or if they would like to experience it first hand, they can operate under supervision of one of our hams. More items may be added as we get closer.


Original graphic novels, whimsical art, and commissions by Jade Woodruff of Bento Studios.

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Its a pinball machine. With a Raspberry Pi. We made it. Its in the garage.


Offer event attendees the opportunity to make a bowl on the pottery wheel or a small sculpture for free.

Fringe Fest booth with adorable child

Product Design & Manufacturing

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We love to share our knowledge of robotics, 3D Printing, radio controlled airplanes, micro-controllers, and other Maker projects. We are passionate about strengthening the community by increasing STEM / STEAM skills (i.e., Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math), for all people, and supporting education for everyone… preschoolers through retirees.


My 3rd version solar oven that tracks the sun automatically and has self-contained power

Solar oven V3

chainmaile creations and accessories. Her husband The Blue Fool will also be joining her with his card game Dead Ends.


Interactive Arduino powered toys and other projects with complete plans that you can build.


Taxidermy, crochet, diy lip balm and beard oil there is nothing we can’t make… Except soap… I have a fear of chemical burns


EzStorHitch™ Trailer Weight Distribution Hitch Storage Device was invented out of a personal need to have a dedicated place to securely store my weight distribution trailer hitch when I wasn’t camping. Product is made in the USA and is Patent Pending.

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FIRST® K-12 STEM education programs use robot challenges to build science and technology skills and interests, in a character driven program that also inspires self-confidence, leadership, and life skills. At Maker Faire Orlando, guests can see student built robots and LEGO models, talk to students, drive their robots and learn how FIRST inspires our next generation of science & technology leaders.

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Melbourne Makerspace shows off their stuff!


Puppets, sock dolls, clothing, costumes, head pieces, watercolors, vintage and fancy cloth bags, paper toys.


Brooms of all shapes and sizes for the Witch or Wizard “on the go”. We provide the one-of-a-kind Artisan Made Brooms… You provide the magic!


we will exhibit with the FIRST group…demoing our team robot

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Play arcade games made with LED lights.

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Once you have your great idea, how do you convert that into a product? Inventors’ Council of Central Florida offers free guidance to help you navigate the product development world. Come to one of our meetings on the first Saturday of each month.

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I hand make all natural skincare products which include Salt, Coffee, Sugar Scrubs, Bath Salt and Bombs, Chap Stick, and Body Butter!


See the power of ordinary people armed with imagination, tools and the collaborative spirit! We’ll have our Instructables Showcase, some hands on fun with simple electronics, homemade instruments and more! Learn about our annual Gulf Coast MakerCon event, Hackathons, Build Nights and our other events and programs.


Earring Making 101: The Simple Charm Earring Earring Making 102: The More Complicated Dangle Earring


Pop Culture and Fandom Clothing and Accessories.


We’ll be featuring an Arduino-Based interactive game for attendees to play.


Silly And Savory shop on Etsy specializes in handmade artwork, cards, and altered apparel.

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Watch as a compact six-wheeled robot runs a closed circuit course directed by intertial navigation — the method used by missles, planes and submarines today.


Students at Sanford Middle School have spent the last semester programming video games in python and pygame, but wanted a unique way to show them off, so they built a full size arcade cabinet using a spare raspberry pi. Students are responsible for all the programming and wiring, as well as art and certain design elements.


Handmade hair accessories and dog collars


Members of the Central Florida Steampunk Association will be displaying various examples of prop making and costuming, which includes leather working, simple electronics, steam power, sewing, jewelry making, and much more.


Come see BoiLeD BooKS in process! Discover a unique use of fresh flowers and leaves! I press, boil, and extract the plants’ hidden colors between layers of 100% cotton paper. The paper staining outcomes are random, spontaneous, and absolutely lovely.


Metal 3D Printing is now a reality for everyone. 3d print your parts in real metal, not plastic. Strong, hard, and durable 3d printed metal parts can be used on your motorcycle or car, you can print metal tools to use in your workshop, make parts for RC drones, cars, and planes, create custom home and kitchen goods.


Artist made plush toys and geek culture/science inspired jewelry, plus other fun accessories. Also on display, handmade puppets. Artist will be working in the booth so you can see creation in action.


Customized Lego creations for kids of all ages!

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Lanie, owner of the Solitary Snow Owl will teach attendees different hand stitches and will have kits available so that attendees can continue learning at home. In addition to hand sewing, Lanie also makes metaphysical items and will explain the power of herbs, oils and crystals. After a special sealing process, the amulets are ready to be worn without fear of leaking.


We wish to exhibit the UCF Robotics club’s robots and to have the opportunity to discuss what we do, and to be able answer any questions regarding the club and robotics.


Cool things made from your trash


Human Powered Snow Cones


3D printers manufactured in St. Petersburg, Florida.


Mobile Classroom and Maker/Hacker space


We are the Curiosity Hacked: Guild 019 Gainesville. We will be partnering with Wizzbangz llc. to exhibit our Laser Tag guns in a laser tag target practice booth as well as helping them to run the air rocket make and take.


Exhibit shows the first prototypes and shows the problems to overcome.


ShapeOko3 CNC Milling Machine

Shapeoko 3 CNC Machine

Adventuring Company offers art and apparel by artist Lee Bretschneider.


Leather work Weaving


the Making of beef jerky step by step, from, whole raw meat, to seasoning and curing, to drying and packaging.


Digital Media students will show off their projects and show students how to make promotional products, videos, photos and more.

digital media

We grabbed some hardware store materials, a few laser pointers, and wrangled a couple of engineers to help us make a jewel-heist style laser maze game for kids.


One of a kind fashion dolls based on pop culture icons. Sewing creations made of felt featuring embroidery techniques and beading. All hand made.


We create flying drones for learning education and fun from the oddest things. Kits that include what you need to get started making your own Drone from LEGO Bricks.


Dresses that incorporate sensors and lights.

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Jarvis is a voice activated automation system that let the user to control its surrounding. Such as, lightning and the house appliances.

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Science vs Bedtime: a timeless struggle. Solved, thanks to automation. Newly available tech including 3D-printers, laser-cutters, open-source communities, and affordable solar cells has made a new era of public sculptural concepts possible. Step into the Wifi BotSpot and access the experiences of this mechanically sculptural, retro-futuristic, public informational resource.


Running and in progress builds of robots from Star Wars


The mobile revolution requires better tools that make our interactions safer, faster, smaller and more functional. That is why we’re introducing a new interface that provides every keystroke from a typical keyboard with only 10 keys. Our DecaTxt keyboard provides touch typing with only one hand, however in order to accommodate the creative maker mentality, we are inviting others to show what kind of ten-key keyboard they would make using our USB maker board embedded with the IN10DID interface. Come and see some examples of what we’ve made an offer some suggestions for other ways of moving the keyboard onto your fingertips.

Deca Prototype

I will demo on how to make Harry Potter wands.


Sappho Chocolates will be doing demo of chocolate making using SciFi molds and discussing the science of chocolate making.

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Paper marbling is an ancient craft of paper decoration. It is also a unique kind of monotyping, creating a fine art print off the surface of water. Come see how this method is used and what kind of results can be made.


Breathing new life into antique books by using the pages as canvas for illustrations. AND Showcase eye pleasing pop culture parodies as mini posters.


STEM education program for grades K-12, using robots playing in a sports type model


Learn about Pepakura Papercraft models. Create your own papercraft on printed cardstock.


Come see some of the technology that is available at the Melrose Center!

Service Desk Melrose

Origami, Accessories, and Handmade Collectables


I will exhibit my Makerbot 3D printer and Desktop scanner, show off my models. I have the mini-jet ski water jet, printed people, John Hancock building w/ simple circuit for flashing led lights, models that I am using for lost pla casting, a prototype injection mold 3D printed, plus others.


Journey into a creative world where portrait & comic art collide! Graven & Monica Ravenwolf welcomes you to their artistic world of creations! Specializing in both portrait style and comic realism this husband and wife team show you the love of art in all forms.

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The largest working K’nex roller coaster model in Florida!


Nowadays robots are commonly used to work in industries, carrying through repetitive task, like moving objects, assembling parts, packing products, etc. But can they perform less monotonous tasks? Along this talk, Rohmus’ inventor will take you to a less explored area for robots and will talk about his path along the design and construction of a robot that attempts to break old paradigms and do something less conventional: to play the piano.

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Nana is a food crafter, and creative blender of food products (spices, vegetables, etc…) to make delicious unique, and unusual taste sensations .All handmade- Cookie butter, specialty jams, relishes and dip mixes

Nana Butter logo-titled without facebook info

Solar Powered Hydroponic Vertical Garden System

2015 SOLAR page

The Perky-DO allows you to create your own full, fun and FABULOUS updos right at home in just seconds with no teasing, back-combing or hassling with sticky styling stuff!

unit and placement

For over 31 years the Tampa Bay Inventors Council has been helping inventors learn about the invention/creation process to help promote innovation in Florida. We invite you to talk to us about the steps you might take to advance your project and become a successful inventor.


Nanny’s Homemade Treasures is my part time business of machine embroidery, sewing, and ribbon wreath construction. All of the things I love to do and share.

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Students from 3D Animation and Simulation will show digital products including virtual reality, games, animation and simulations. Participants will be able to try out virtual reality and see 3D printed models and tools.


Microwaveable cherry pit heating packs


Attendees screen print a T-shirt themed around making stuff or Maker Faire Orlando. T-shirts are provided for $7 and there are several designs to chose from. Merchmakr Screen Printing System will be available for sale as well.


Learn how to make your own light up headbands, and other fun wearable projects!


A huge 3D printer with a 2’^3 build area.


Dog Powered Robot Labs features larger than life robot characters. Interact with robotic creations, sit in the DPR time machine or get your fortune read by a robot.


Demonstrate tools and processes used in Familab’s new DIY-BioTech lab.


Students from electronics will demonstrate use of circuit board milling and soldering of components. Students will also show robotics projects. Students will help students solder their own micro circuit.


Learn how OCPS Fashion Production Students use the latest technology to created custom garments. Students will show off their award winning designs and demonstrate pattern making, basic sewing stitches, fabric selection and more.


Pick your robots search and defense strategies and watch it compete in a thrilling game of robot combat!


The Nailbot is an automated way to decorate your fingernails using your smartphone! Through our mobile platform, girls can become makers and express themselves through art in creative and original ways.


Crochet amigurumi animals and dolls, hats, scarves.


eNable is a global network of volunteers who are using their 3D printers, design skills, and personal time to create free 3D printed prosthetic hands for those in need – with the goal of providing them to underserved populations around the world. We are not a corporation, we don’t sell these devices.


Come get nerdy with The Ginger Bits! Custom handmade art and usables for pets, kids, and kids at heart. Interact with the artists and see how your fandom can inspire you to MAKE!


Come meet freelance illustrator Kate Carleton and see her make art and comics!


Members of the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild will be on hand to demonstrate various quilting techniques, answer questions about our organization and display examples of our modern quilt making.

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We converted galvanized steel stock tanks into mobile raised garden beds on wheels that are self watering. This design eliminated the need for a constant connection to a nearby water source. This design focused on overcoming the barriers most gardeners have trouble with – having access to a water source and remembering to water their garden.


Exhibit with some of my work, a PC, and one or both of my cutters.


Handmade Wire Wrapped Recycled Tree of Life jewelry.


Victoria was strictly a digital artist for over ten years and has recently took a step away from the screen to explore the traditional mediums, particularly acrylic.

Mer - Sm

Mixed Media Art


Exhibition of fabrication techniques and materials for prop and costume making.


Handmade steampunk jewelry, clothing and accessories.


DazzleGlaze is a reduced-chemical nail polish that currently comes in over 70 different shades and finishes. It is free of five of the major chemicals a consumer will find in commercial polish. DazzleGlaze also offers several thermal polish shades that change color based on temperature, as well as cuticle oil and hand scrubs made with all-natural ingredients.


Central Florida Artisans’ Guild is a group of makers from all over central FL. The exhibit will include a variety of handmade makers showing you how they create their wonderful items. Everything from metal clay to knitting.


We will be demonstrating an excavation robot that competed in the annual NASA Mining Robotics Competition.This robot simulates mining the surface of Mars and maneuvering the rough terrain to deposit the material back at the collection bin. Our goal is to share our knowledge and passion for robotics with kids.


Explore solar cooking, photovoltaics, and hydrogen fuel cells. See the technologies in action, check out student projects and meet student makers.

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Custom Steampunk Leatherwares and more.

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We are a 3d printing service who pride ourselves on high quality prints and fast turnaround time at prices accessible to makers anywhere. We have 3d printing, scanning, and design capabilities and experience in a variety of fields to help your project become a reality.


Introducing the first open source connected greenhouse kit anyone can build: manage the environment of your plants (light, temperature, humidity, watering) and be sure they are getting everything they need with an integrated camera feed


Handcrafted art pieces cut onto vinyl records.


A collection of unique, homemade electronic musical instruments and interactions.


Compact Portable Shelving Unit

Shelf Canopy

demonstration of sewing techniques


FamiLAB’s mission is to be a community that fosters learning and creativity through hands-on projects, collaboration, and the sharing of skills & tools to improve ourselves and enrich the world around us. A few of our members have been working on some amazing projects including building our new space. Check out our booth to see what we’ve been making!


Factur will work with Familab to create the Worlds Largest (playable) Arcade Game

aracde sketch

Students from machining will have an injection molding machine that will make take away items. Students from machining will have molds that were machined for the machine to demonstrate the production process. Students will show various projects.


Comics and illustration by Josh Dykstra

photo for exhibit

I will show the steps and process of making a metal clay pendant. I will bring several pieces at different stages of the process and will go through the stages of preparing the clay, forming the clay, drying, finishing the un-fired pieces, firing the pieces (through verbal explanation) cleaning the fired pieces, burnishing, patinas, polishing, and then taking the final pieces and creating jewelry with them.


I will be demonstrating how amigurumis (crochet dolls) are made. You will be able to see the steps and materials required to create these adorable plushies made out of yarn.


Unique fiber art for the nerd in you! Pocket Fuzz creates handmade, needle-felted, miniature fiber sculptures of various nerd icons. Ask to try it out and you can make your own and take it home!


1:1 scale sculpted T-rex skull made entirely out of recycled papers and materials


Cardboard dinos of all shapes and sizes! Build dino-head puppet, become a dino yourself, and be chased by a 15ft long creature from the Cretaceous!

Whtie House KitRex

Original Paintings, Giclees and paper prints, Artwork jewelry

Enchanted Silence (11x14)

Bacon Builders FIRST LEGO League Team 8265 just completed a very successful rookie year and have just begun our second season! We love to share our passion for STEM and robotics. Team members are very knowledgeable about all facets of FIRST LEGO League—Robot Game, Project, & Core Values.


Students from Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing will show off one of their show cars painted by the students. Students will show off custom car hoods and gas tanks they made.


The DuinoKit was designed to be a fun and interesting hands-on kit to introduce people to Arduino electronics.

Ess and Jr kit

Getting little one buckled up isn’t easy! Well, not any more. Introducing the Booster Seat Buddy. Come see this cool simple device that help all little booster seat kids buckle up by themselves.

BSB Mount 2