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Demonstation of destructive testing in manufacturing


A miniland-scale (1:20) model of the Maker Faire itself, built out of LEGO.


The Multi-Page Bible/Book Marker is an innovative method used to allow the reader of a Bound Book to move through several Chapters with ease.

Brass Clip -Final 3 Ina Pic 001-1

Geeky themed handmade all natural bath, beauty and spa products.


Mobile applications for Maker Faire Orlando.


Adventuring Company offers art and apparel by artist Lee Bretschneider.


FIRST® K-12 STEM education programs use robot challenges to build science and technology skills and interests, in a character driven program that also inspires self-confidence, leadership, and life skills. At Maker Faire Orlando, guests can see student built robots and LEGO models, talk to students, drive their robots and learn how FIRST inspires our next generation of science & technology leaders.

FIRST poster 1

Our mission is to inspire youth using 4-H principles along with the tenets of gracious professionalism to explore science and technology through a mentor based program, which develops leadership and life skills while encouraging innovation, creative solutions to engineering and technical challenges.

2015 magnet

Crealdé School of Art continues its 40th anniversary season and the September 11th opening of two quilt exhibitions with a free drop-in art project that illustrates the concept of “The Sum of Many Parts.”


Showcase of the many chainmaille jewelry pieces linked together by Scott Moore with live demonstrations of works in progress.


Steampunk transformed Nerf (and other) weaponry.


Getting little one buckled up isn’t easy! Well, not any more. Introducing the Booster Seat Buddy. Come see this cool simple device that helps all little booster seat kids buckle up by themselves.

BSB Mount 2

Come see what FIRST robotics team 6090 has been building


Exhibition of fabrication techniques and materials for prop and costume making.


Handmade steampunk jewelry, clothing and accessories.


Members of the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild will be on hand to demonstrate various quilting techniques, answer questions about our organization and display examples of our modern quilt making.

OMQG Buttons

I will be show casing my product called the Go Caddy. I will also bring the original one I hand made that led me to move forward and patent the product.

GoCaddy Front & BackHR

Our Orlando office provides local venues, bars, restaurants, hospitals, theme parks, and retailers the opportunity to have the ultimate digital signage, interactive, secure recharging stations.

Customized Crazy Carts.


We use 3D scanning and color 3D printing technology to turn you into your very own statue.

My name is Sarah and I draw ALOT. Here is that art.


We create flying drones for learning education and fun from the oddest things. Kits that include what you need to get started making your own Drone from LEGO Bricks.


iBrick Academy will be offering information on upcoming programs, camps, after school programs and more.

James Jones Photo

Come see how yarn is spun using hand spindles and a spinning wheel, as well as weaving fabric on a rigid heddle loom.


the Making of beef jerky step by step, from, whole raw meat, to seasoning and curing, to drying and packaging.


Through the use of 3D printing we serve the legal community by providing affordable and high quality models for use as aids in evidence exhibits. We are able convert medical image data (DICOM Data, MRI, and CT scans) into 3D models, produce topographical models, scale entire crime scenes, scan individual pieces of evidence and more.

mri to 3d 700x400

The exhibit will display a prototype delta CNC router, a delta style 3D printer and examples of rapid prototyping. A wind thing that is made from 3D printed parts. A model engine to house a usb drive. We have incorporated the wind thing into a hat which is worn by John Hildebrand.


Making hand braided and beaded wearable fandom art. From necklaces, earrings and headbands to painted glass pieces of art.


The exhibit is designed to show the possibilities of genetic engineering today. We hope to show how our team is able to insert the genes for green fluorescent glowing under UV light into a particular plant species. We will provide the plants with a UV light for display of the “glow”. This will also provide information to attendees on how this project relates to the unraveling potential of the field of Synthetic Biology.

Socrates Preparatory School Our students have spent nearly one year building a digital optical communication system from scratch. By from scratch we mean that no template or instructions were followed. Every step of the process was designed and debugged by our student team. In the photograph you see a Lucite cube with two Arduinos mounted on opposite sides of the cube to the left and right. The Arduino to the left is connected to a laptop where a message is typed and the message characters are transferred to the left Arduio and translated into binary ascii characters. The binary ascii blinks a laser diode at precisely 1/20 sec intervals. The laser diode is immersed in mineral oil inside a plastic tube. The insulating mineral oil filled tube acts like a fiber optic cable transmitting the light pulses through the tube. At the opposite end of the tube a photoresistor is immersed in the mineral oil and detects the light pulses. The second Arduino translates the 7-bit ascii sequence for each character into the original message one character at a time. This is displayed onto a second laptop connected to the Arduino on the right. A major technical problem involves the synchronization of the transmitter pulses with the receiver. The receiver needs to know exactly when to look for a pulse.

Optical System

A beverage dispenser which combines maximum cooling efficiency with easy access to beverages within.


handmade woodwinds, ink pens, wands, staffs and vessels crafted from bamboo


We grabbed some hardware store materials, a few laser pointers, and wrangled a couple of engineers to help us make a jewel-heist style laser maze game for kids.


Ibex Puppetry’s Endangered Species Parades feature approachable puppets of endangered animals like the manatee and Florida panther. Our endangered animal puppets will come to life and bring the natural world with them. We will have easy-to-build kites, a play zone where kids can learn about aquatic habitats, and a flag dance workshop.


Renaissance Robotics is a mostly homeschooled, community based FIRST Tech Challenge team that has been competing in the Central Florida area since 2012 . FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) is a STEM education program for grades 7-12, using robots playing in a sports type model. FTC is STEM education opportunities for grades K-12th. The field of robotics is a modern day renaissance where many arts come together to birth new technologies. Design, engineering, math, strategy and gracious professionalism form the heart of Renaissance Robotics.


Dresses that incorporate sensors and lights.

wearable-tech1-cc-600 obj

Pallets are an endless source of material to create functional pieces of wood art. With the right skills and imagination, the possibilities are endless.


I will be demonstrating how amigurumis (crochet dolls) are made. You will be able to see the steps and materials required to create these adorable plushies made out of yarn.


Leather work Weaving


Children’s Superhero capes and Home decor items made from burlap.


I will exhibit my Makerbot 3D printer and Desktop scanner, show off my models. I have the mini-jet ski water jet, printed people, John Hancock building w/ simple circuit for flashing led lights, models that I am using for lost pla casting, a prototype injection mold 3D printed, plus others.


We are a 3d printing service who pride ourselves on high quality prints and fast turnaround time at prices accessible to makers anywhere. We have 3d printing, scanning, and design capabilities and experience in a variety of fields to help your project become a reality.


an improv puppet troupe that creates on the spot interaction with guests. We bring fun and laughs to every event.

puppet group 2

Silly And Savory shop (SASs) on Etsy specializes in handmade cards and altered apparel. We hand cut paper, design images, carve linoleum plates, and manually print cards. At Maker Faire this year we will be showcasing handmade cards as well as the Dinosaur Hoodie- altered outerwear. It features 5 plush spikes down the back of the hoodie and a plush tail approximately 18 inches long. From the front these alterations will go largely unnoticed, making for a perfect sneak attack.


Sci-Fi Book Signing! The World is a Foothold – Shattered Flames If you give a medieval army of wizards and elves a 3d Printer, is the result a time active war? Ian Koratsky is a self-published author and maker, with a penchant for dark humor and sporadic martial arts demos.

The Book Cover2 front

Come learn how to carve wood. It’s fun! It’s easy! – And anyone can learn. All ages welcome.


Designed & manufactured in St. Petersburg Florida. The FreeFab 3D Monolith is easy to use, professional compact 3D Printer designed for schools, libraries, small manufacturers, and hobbyists.


Attendees screen print a T-shirt themed around making stuff or Maker Faire Orlando. T-shirts are provided for $7 and there are several designs to chose from. Merchmakr Screen Printing System will be available for sale as well.


This exhibit will show off the various gaming abilities of the Raspberry Pi, as well as having a handout to build your own flappy bird clone in scratch.


Will show many ceramic pieces from the studio including artistic pieces by Georgia Williams, local artist and the creator of “Captain Candy Cane and the Heart of Christmas”. Will offer pieces for attendees to paint and we will fire at the studio and have for later pick up.

Amazing Glaze

A demonstration of Hard Candy Making techniques of the late 19th century, including candy drops, lollipops, candy canes and image candy (cut rock)


Students from SSMS will be showcasing repurposed/ upcycled original items they created that otherwise would have been discarded. Recycled Re-Creations!


The “3d Mechanical Hand – Maker Movement” that was inspired by two strangers (a prop maker from the USA and a carpenter from South Africa) that came together from 10,000 miles apart – to create a prosthetic hand device for a small child in South Africa …and then gave the plans away – for free…so that those in need of the device could make them for themselves or have someone make it for them. What originally started out as a couple of guys who created something to help one child in need…has grown into a world wide movement of tinkerers, engineers, 3D print enthusiasts, occupational therapists, university professors, designers, parents, families, artists, students, teachers and people who just want to make a difference.


CoderDojo Tampa Bay Area is a free program run by volunteers to get children to understand and get excited about programming. It is held in cooperation with the Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative, in various locations in the Tampa Bay Area. Free coding sessions will be provided for kids up to the age of 17 that show up at the CoderDojo Tampa Bay exhibit, with different coding lessons and exercises being presented throughout the weekend.


This is an open source designed and produced pinball machine.


From Kickstarter campaigns to contracts, software licenses to copyrights, makers can face a number of legal issues. This session will address these issues, and how makers can best navigate the rapids without falling overboard.


At Orlando Maker Faire 2015 RutanMedia will be showcasing a Raspberry Pi camera Microscope mod. We will also be displaying the prototype Dynamic Video Bit Cruncher. The DVBC is a modification of the Gert 666 VGA video adapter kit for the Raspberry Pi. The DVBC allows the user to bit crunch a video signal via various analog and digital pathways.

RP microscope Mod2

Living Photographs uses still photography which, when scanned with a phone, tablet, or wearable tech, triggers a related video overlay.


Nana is a food crafter, and creative blender of food products (spices, vegetables, etc…) to make delicious unique, and unusual taste sensations .All handmade- Cookie butter, specialty jams, relishes and dip mixes

Nana Butter logo-titled without facebook info

Participate in a multiplayer 3D interactive gaming experience using interactive and wearable sensors. Examine the forces that objects are subjected to when moved and dropped. Play with remotely controlled robot arms.


The mobile revolution requires better tools that make our interactions safer, faster, smaller and more functional. That is why we’re introducing a new interface that provides every keystroke from a typical keyboard with only 10 keys. Our DecaTxt keyboard provides touch typing with only one hand, however in order to accommodate the creative maker mentality, we are inviting others to show what kind of ten-key keyboard they would make using our USB maker board embedded with the IN10DID interface. Come and see some examples of what we’ve made an offer some suggestions for other ways of moving the keyboard onto your fingertips.

Deca Prototype

Pop Culture and Fandom Clothing and Accessories.


Plantstation was created to gain a fact based understanding of the conditions under which plants thrive under our care. With this understanding, we hope to better understand and meet the needs of our plants.


We will be demonstrating Ham Radio in multiple modes, including HF digital and voice communications. Patrons will have the opportunity to observe licensed amateurs operate or if they would like to experience it first hand, they can operate under supervision of one of our hams. More items may be added as we get closer.


upcycled building signs, night lights and surprise lights


ROBLOX is for people who are serious about making great games. Publish what you create to the #1 entertainment website for kids and teens in the world, and reap the rewards.


DazzleGlaze is a reduced-chemical nail polish that currently comes in over 70 different shades and finishes. It is free of five of the major chemicals a consumer will find in commercial polish. DazzleGlaze also offers several thermal polish shades that change color based on temperature, as well as cuticle oil and hand scrubs made with all-natural ingredients.


This exhibit will display the evolution of an invention (EYEBANDZ )from concept to patent to product. Beginning prototypes will be on display as well as BETA samples available for purchase. Come let’s talk about the fun of turning our product ideas into reality.

carly with eyeabndz1

We always dreamed of being able to play Mario Kart in real life. Our fun and interactive version called Web On The Run is a game where You have remote control cars which you can race, disrupt, and use power ups just like in Mario Kart. We use impact sensors and infrared red sensor combined with other technologies to make a fun experience all of this combined with the power of The Internet Of Things. We can essentially display live scores, lap number, health, damage, and probable statistic of winning. We will be showing the Hardware, Software, and Web applications we used, and how easy it was to use them to get everyone excited on awesome it is to work in electronics.


For over 31 years the Tampa Bay Inventors Council has been helping inventors learn about the invention/creation process to help promote innovation in Florida. We invite you to talk to us about the steps you might take to advance your project and become a successful inventor.


One of a kind fashion dolls based on pop culture icons. Sewing creations made of felt featuring embroidery techniques and beading. All hand made.


Once you have your great idea, how do you convert that into a product? Inventors’ Council of Central Florida offers free guidance to help you navigate the product development world. Come to one of our meetings on the first Saturday of each month.

ICCF Logo 492x492

Check out what’s new at Orlando’s favorite surplus store!

Pop-up puppets, sock dolls, paper head pieces, watercolors, vintage and fancy cloth bags, paper toys, colorful wigs.

hurricane hunters-1

Cardboard dinos of all shapes and sizes! Build dino-head puppet, become a dino yourself, and be chased by a 15ft long creature from the Cretaceous!

Whtie House KitRex

Planetary Strike is a board game of strategy set in space that takes your mind beyond chess with a round board and opportunities for 2 to 6 players.


Demonstration of handcrafted fondant rose and flower sculpting.

fondant rose 2

The Timber Creek High School Robotics Team is based in Orlando, Florida and comprised of Project Lead The Way (PLTW) engineering students. The team has competed at the last two VEX Robotics World Championships (2014 – Anaheim, 2015 – Louisville), and won the title of VEX Robotics Florida State Champion in early 2015. We will be exhibiting our competition robots from the last two VEX Robotics Competitions (2014 – Tossup, 2015 – Skyrise), and numerous student projects from various PLTW courses offered at Timber Creek HS.


Come meet the Witch Doctor and Shaman from BattleBots! The 250lb multi-bot will be showing off its battle scars while Andrea, Mike, and Paul will be available for questions throughout the day.


The exhibit will showcase works done by the artist.

ArtbyJP small banner

A telepresence robot will give tours of the new FamiLAB space via the Internet and a joystick controller.

ShapeOko3 CNC Milling Machine

Shapeoko 3 CNC Machine

See the power of ordinary people armed with imagination, tools and the collaborative spirit! Enjoy our Instructables Showcase, hands on fun with simple electronics, homemade instruments and more! Learn about our annual Gulf Coast MakerCon makers festival at the Florida State Fairgrounds in April, ROBOTICON, Hackathons, Build Nights & how we can help you bring public makerspaces to your community! Visit to learn more.


Boca Bearings will be showcasing some of their sponsored projects, including the full-body 3D scanner, the toolbox 3D printer, the heads-up rover, the wireless 3D printed hand, and other items.

Pami Pocket Cell Phone Purse- No Pockets? No Purse? No Problem! The most comfortable, convenient way to keep your cell phone “on you” when you don’t have pockets in what your wearing. It’s lightweight, soft and stretchy, water-resistant neoprene protects your phone anytime, anywhere and the “Bling” design options are endless!! Pami Pocket is THE PERFECT GIFT!

Tiffany Peace in pink dress blurred IMG_0871

Stop by the Art & History Museums – Maitland exhibit to watch traditional woodworker Canlin Frost let the chips fall where they may (as in wood chips) during demonstrations with using a foot-powered lathe and antique hand tools.


Sprout is a revolutionary all-in-one computer and 3D scanner that makes it easy to go from thought to expression in an instant. #gomakethings

DSCN0657 (1024x768)

welcome to the world of little bernice comics, where it’s halloween every day!


Exhibit with some of my work, a PC, and one or both of my cutters.


We’ll be featuring an Arduino-Based interactive game for attendees to play.


eNable is a global network of volunteers who are using their 3D printers, design skills, and personal time to create free 3D printed prosthetic hands for those in need – with the goal of providing them to underserved populations around the world. We are not a corporation, we don’t sell these devices.


The ProtoVoltaics Pick and Place Machine replaces hand placement of SMD parts with a fully fuctional Pick and Place. The machine accurately places using Computer Vision, and uses the CV to eliminate errors. Also, it has automatic part feeders and automatic tool changing so it can complete any job, and never need to be babysat. This machine will bring manufacturing back to the makers!


Interactive Arduino powered toys and other projects with complete plans so that you can build you own.


We are a School MakerSpace program. We started in September 2014. Our students meet once a week after school to learn about 3D printing, robotics, electronics, and computer programming. Our students were introduced to these topics in the fall and chose a project for our first MakerFaire that they would complete during the spring semester. It has been a very busy year, but has been amazing. We enjoyed showing off what we learned at our MakerFaire and we would like to showcase our projects at the Orlando MakerFaire.


A variety of unique handcrafted creatures, spaceships and props.


Come get nerdy with The Ginger Bits! Custom handmade art and usables for pets, kids, and kids at heart. Interact with the artists and see how your fandom can inspire you to MAKE!


Print your own customized cookie! Using a touch-screen app, draw what you’d like on your cookie and watch the machine print it with frosting on a cookie. Just for you, and just the way you designed it.


OrbMi – Voice Messaging To The Orb, Not The Phone The answering machine, re-invented for our social mobile busy lifestyles. Share more, communicate better with a voice messaging system for your loved ones. OrbMi is a personal voice messaging system for our most intimate network. What makes it unique is that it’s about messaging convenience and control for both the sender and receiver. We have plenty of ways to share with our wider network of 200 contacts. OrbMi gives us a new way to communicate better with our intimate network of our 2 or 20 closest friends and family.

Kickstarter OrbMi Top Image

RostockMAX v2 kit, assembled and operational.


We wish to exhibit the UCF Robotics club’s robots and to have the opportunity to discuss what we do, and to be able answer any questions regarding the club and robotics.


We are the Curiosity Hacked: Guild 019 Gainesville. We will be partnering with Wizzbangz llc. to exhibit our Laser Tag guns in a laser tag target practice booth as well as helping them to run the air rocket make and take.


The Photo and Stamp exhibit focuses on the artist’s ability to capture the beauty in everyday life through mixed media compositions. Each unique piece ranges from matted 3-Dimensional photo cards to jewelry to functional artwork, such as coasters, wine charm rings, and even birdhouses.

Grand Canyon Sunset

EzStorHitch™ Trailer Weight Distribution Hitch Storage Device was invented out of a personal need to have a dedicated place to securely store my weight distribution trailer hitch when I wasn’t camping. Product is made in the USA and is Patent Pending.

image side up Final

Handmade Wire Wrapped Recycled Tree of Life jewelry.


FamiLAB has stained glass enthusiasts! Check out some example work by a member.


Running and in progress builds of robots from Star Wars


“Aging Technology” features a series of three new works of sculpture about our cultures obsession with technology and how we desire the newest items when the old ones work just as well. This is a metaphor for our cultural loss of the wisdom of our elders. Our culture no longer looks to its elders for answers; instead we turn to technology and many times misinformation. Knowledge is no longer passed down from generation to generation and our elders have been tossed aside or abandoned. I use real life elements in my sculptures in an effort to dismantle the ideal of ‘high’ art, in the same way the Neo-Dada artists did in the mid-twentieth century. The works on display will address themes such as technology, ageism, and the American culture. I am influenced by many things that I incorporate into my work, like Nostalgia, 1950’s science fiction and other counter cultural memorabilia and references. I am also influenced by the works of great artists like Robert Rauschenberg, Takashi Murakami, Ed Kienholz and Salvador Dali.


It was my coffee table, now it’s a power racer too


Custom Steampunk Leatherwares and more.

2014-08-10 11.46.04

We proudly wish to exhibit the exclusive design of a rugged, easy to use watering system based on soil moisture. Our gravity feed systems use 100% solar energy! The exhibit will not only include the products but the ‘making of’ the system. Three parts are produced in house with a 3D-printer, as well as board design and sensor manufacture. We are here to demonstrate & answer questions about nearly everything involved in the design and creation of this product! Come with questions.


At Crafted Audio, new technology and old-fashioned craftsmanship meet for unprecedented sound and design. Taking a first principles method in our design process, we created speakers that won’t come between you and the music. We developed a unique approach to produce a single point source of sound with a massive, room filling “”sweet spot” and stereo image that puts you in the studio with the musicians.


Demonstrate tools and processes used in Familab’s new DIY-BioTech lab.


Kinetic sculptures that explore the use of various medium to create intriguing pieces that mesmerize all ages.


The iExtruder is a portable filament extrusion system that is an excellent educational tool. It sets itself apart from the competition for a variety of reasons including: advanced user displays, air cooling, precision made components, excellent pull station and wind up station.


chainmaile creations and accessories. Her husband The Blue Fool will also be joining her with his card game Dead Ends.


We help commercialize product ideas. Starting with your idea, we build your prototype, manufacture your product and design your packaging. We walk you through the steps required to get your product onto store shelves. We have been the backbone to 13 different kickstarter projects, 1 indiegogo and have helped customers to present their ideas to investors.

Jaycon Systems 1000x1000

I hand make all natural skincare products which include Salt, Coffee, Sugar Scrubs, Bath Salt and Bombs, Chap Stick, and Body Butter!


Meet a baby ankylosaur. At 8 feet long and 4 feet high, he’s not very small for a baby. He loves kids and is realistic but not too scary. He’s a little shy, but if you are very gentle he may allow you to have your picture taken with him. Better bring your camera or cell phone for that! You may get a glimpse of him walking, eating, clomping his club tail, or just tilting his head at you to say hello. Since he’s still a growing baby he needs to rest in his tent and take short naps. Check the schedule posted at his exhibit in Loch Haven Park to see what times he will be awake.


I will be showing a home built 3d printer based off the Eustathios design.


Display of 3D printed models and items


Lull baby to sleep in their favourite carrier with gentle, sleepy sounds.

Tampa Hackerspace


This is exhibit would showcase an array of handmade leather goods. All products are constructed and assembled by hand, all the way down to each individual stitch.


I will present perler beads in a large selection of art, jewelry and other goodies. Along side my purchasing selection, I would love to have the space to create a DIY table, and sell kits for taking them home!


Journey into a creative world where portrait & comic art collide! Graven & Monica Ravenwolf welcomes you to their artistic world of creations! Specializing in both portrait style and comic realism this husband and wife team show you the love of art in all forms.

Promo Shot_ravenwolf

Original Paintings, Giclees and paper prints, Artwork jewelry

Enchanted Silence (11x14)

Sam Flax, known for artist materials, has now expanded to offer 3D printers, 3D printing services, 3D printing accessories, 3D workshops and 3D meetups, in partnership with DeltaMaker.


Ring the Bell is a one-of-a-kind arcade machine that challenges players to solve an electromechanical logic puzzle within a time limit. It relies on an Arduino and other electronics to keep time and display high scores.


This is a custom built Minecraft arcade game built for MineCon 2013. This will be the last year for this exhibit, so come out and play it before its gone.


A demonstration of how solar energy systems work.

Ground Mount Deroose SE

The ISMp, pronounced “ism-Pee”, is a hands on display showing how easy it is to incorporate stepper motors into an art or maker project.

Graduates of The Iron Yard’s Orlando campus have completed 12 weeks of extremely intense training and mentorship in web or mobile app development, and during the final 3 weeks of that time, they build complete website or mobile applications, a selection of which are being presented during Maker Faire.


TEMPLE OF YOG is a roguelike adventure through procedural dungeons spanning two screens. Brave the dangerous depths of the Temple for the sake of progress. Discover the costs at Orlando Maker Faire in this title for the Nintendo Wii U.


I will show the steps and process of making a metal clay pendant. I will bring several pieces at different stages of the process and will go through the stages of preparing the clay, forming the clay, drying, finishing the un-fired pieces, firing the pieces (through verbal explanation) cleaning the fired pieces, burnishing, patinas, polishing, and then taking the final pieces and creating jewelry with them.


People of all ages can have fun learning how to make melt-and-pour soap, while creating their very own to take home. We’ll provide a variety of scents and colors, and even 3D printed letters and shapes that you can put into your soap.


Highly modified children’s electric toy car, hacked into something so fast and scary even some adults dare not ride.


This year we are going to come outside and fly our drone. Please stop by with your kids, they are of course welcomed to build with our toy just like they did last year, except this time we have a treat for the DIY parents as well. We will show you how to build a semi-professional drone NAZA CONTROLLER – DJI Motors. 3 rotor, 4 rotor, 5 rotor and 6 rotor designs will be shared with you.


Factur will work with Familab to create the Worlds Largest (playable) Arcade Game


Members of the Central Florida Steampunk Association will be displaying various examples of prop making and costuming, which includes leather working, simple electronics, steam power, sewing, jewelry making, and much more.


Original fashion creations made from re-cycled and upcycled materials as well as 3d printed jewelry and accoutrements.


Hand-made goods from by Phive (of GodBody). Made from borosilicate glass.

on the torch

We love to share our knowledge of robotics, 3D Printing, radio controlled airplanes, micro-controllers, and other Maker projects. We are passionate about strengthening the community by increasing STEM / STEAM skills (i.e., Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math), for all people, and supporting education for everyone… preschoolers through retirees.


Comics and illustration by Josh Dykstra

photo for exhibit

The Edgewood Ranch Research Farm and Educational Center is located in Orlando, FL and is part of the Edgewood Children’s Ranch. There is currently a small farm on this property and the produce is utilized to help feed the children and staff who reside at the ranch, run a CSA to help support this program. Any excess produce is either donated to other non-profits or is sold to help support this project.

Taxidermy, crochet, diy lip balm and beard oil there is nothing we can’t make… Except soap… I have a fear of chemical burns


Students at Sanford Middle School have spent the last semester programming video games in python and pygame, but wanted a unique way to show them off, so they built a full size arcade cabinet using a spare raspberry pi. Students are responsible for all the programming and wiring, as well as art and certain design elements.


Learn how to make your own LED flower crowns, LED necklaces, light up bowties and other fun wearable projects!

LED Flower Necklace Learn to Solder Kit featured image

Explore solar cooking, photovoltaics, and hydrogen fuel cells. See the technologies in action, check out student projects and meet student makers.

maker faire orlando 2014 promo idea2

Introduction to Locks and Lock Picking


I would be doing a 3 D mock up of the Full Sail campus and will be working with company to access a devise I could use to exhibit the content with their technology. In addition I will make my content applicable for the Google Cardboard effort

Brooms of all shapes and sizes for the Witch or Wizard “on the go”. We provide the one-of-a-kind Artisan Made Brooms… You provide the magic!


Offer event attendees the opportunity to make a bowl on the pottery wheel or a small sculpture for free.

Fringe Fest booth with adorable child

Customized Lego creations for kids of all ages!

Auction 1.001

Our exhibit is our hand made star wars Bounty Hunter Costumes


Find out what is new at NASA/Kennedy Space Center and see the future of Space!

NASA Logo. (PRNewsFoto/NASA)

Brave Girl Boutique specializes in hand crafted clothes for brave little girls inspired by your favorite fandoms! We create fun and nerdy embroidered accessories for the young and young at heart. Stop by our exhibit for a fun Make & Take craft that is education and great for crafty kids!


Come play one pixel pac-man as seen on hack-a-day!


The Maker Effect Foundation exists to activate and amplify the efforts of makers as they learn, build and work together in their communities.

Gonzalez Maker-1

Ozobot + Science Technology Robotics Engineering Arts and Math! Who is MaKey MaKey For? Artists, Kids, Educators, Engineers, Designers, Inventors, Makers… Really it is for everyone!


Its a pinball machine. With a Raspberry Pi. We made it. It’s awesome.


demonstration of sewing and button making techniques


We are registering as a part of the FIRST website. Ms. Terri Willingham from FIRST is the point of contact for this exhibit.

Sewn and Print craft makers join forces as Geeky Chic. Come see our buttons, bags, screen printed tees and more.


Paintings from artists who are members at the maker space Factur.

IMG_9569_zpskxey9iss (1)

Jarvis is a voice activated automation system that let the user to control its surrounding. Such as, lightning and the house appliances.

Jarvis Logo_Concept-01

Woodworking – desktop CNC router –

Earring Making 101: The Simple Charm Earring Earring Making 102: The More Complicated Dangle Earring


A customizable device built to work with existing inputs used in pediatric therapy to help children meet therapeutic goals.


We are a tech-startup currently in the 4th class of Starter Studio. We will be demoing our company/product.