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My 3rd version solar oven that tracks the sun automatically and has self-contained power


Planetary Strike is an abstract strategic board game that takes your mind beyond chess with a round checkered board for 2 to 6 players.


Come see how yarn is spun using hand spindles and a spinning wheel, as well as weaving fabric on a rigid heddle loom.


The StrandMaus is a small 8-legged robotic walking contraption based on Theo Jansen’s Strandbeest.


Models and puzzles crafted using a laser-cutter and CNC machines. Fun to assemble and even more fun to play with!!


A homemade wooden pipe organ that plays MIDI files


From computer power adapter cables for Army Military Intelligence units, to racks to carry your Jeep doors while you drive about, to the World’s Greatest Garden Hose Guide, SixToes Innovations has you covered! Now,


Come see how I turn my original drawings, items from nature, carvings, and other design ideas into metal pieces using Precious Metal Clay. The finished pieces are pure fine silver, copper, nickel silver, and bronze. If you want to try it yourself, sign up for classes (to be held in November) where you design and create your own original pieces.


Pick your robots search and defense strategies and watch it compete in a thrilling game of robot combat!


Amazing miracles, and fantastic magic. Probably also cards!


Steam Power Wheels Racer

Recover resources from pallets to produce many different items. In this workshop we will create a wall hanging wine rack.


FIRST® K-12 STEM education programs use robot challenges to build science and technology skills and interests, in a character driven experience that also inspires self-confidence, leadership, and life skills. At Maker Faire Orlando, guests can see student built robots and LEGO models, talk to students, drive their robots and learn how FIRST inspires our next generation of science & technology leaders.

FIRST poster 1

Handcrafted art pieces cut onto vinyl records.


Its a Giant Scooter and child driven spirograph that draws chalk design on a chalk board floor.


FamiLAB’s mission is to be a community that fosters learning and creativity through hands-on projects, collaboration, and the sharing of skills & tools to improve ourselves and enrich the world around us. A few of our members have been working on some amazing projects including building our new space. Check out our booth to see what we’ve been making!


Interested in the Internet of Things but not sure where to get started? The Orlando IoT Meetup is for you. We are a community of entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and yes, makers, all with the shared vision that the Internet of Things can help us transform the world around us.


Hand-made glass art by Phive (of GodBody). Made from borosilicate glass.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 8.36.12 AM

Showcase of the many chainmaille jewelry pieces linked together by Scott Moore with live demonstrations of works in progress.


Participate in a multiplayer 3D interactive gaming experience using sensors and XBox Kinect to control lights, servos, and other electronic systems. Examine the forces that objects are subjected to when moved or dropped.

ChipScapes are artworks made from taking pictures of microscopic computer chips. By using special lighting and angles, bright colors are created to make interesting art. ChipScapes include the chip images, history of the chips, and the actual chips themselves. Explore www.ChipScapes.com to learn more. SteamTronix are unique original pieces of art based on computer chips, no two are the same. My jewelry sometimes uses upcycled old electronic parts, sometimes my ChipScapes artwork (see below), and sometimes both. SteamTronix borrows from Steam Punk, Cyber Punk, and Art Deco styles. I enjoy the creative process and love to share technology. Art speaks all languages, even binary. Explore www.SteamTronix.com to learn more

Two-bit Adder

Human Powered Snow Cones


Students from SSMS will be showcasing repurposed/ upcycled original items they created that otherwise would have been discarded. Recycled Re-Creations!


We will be showing our Android app “Ecko”. LumpyStudios is the name of the business.


Robot Gear For Humans


Renaissance Robotics is a mostly homeschooled, community based FIRST Tech Challenge team that has been competing in the Central Florida area since 2012 . FIRST Tech Challenge is a STEM education program for grades 7-12, using robots playing in a sports type model. FIRST has STEM education opportunities for grades K-12th. Are you a Jouster? or a Jester? Come see us and test your skill with Renaissance Robotics’ new Joust-Bots! Can you beat the Gauntlet? The field of robotics is a modern day renaissance where many arts come together to birth new technologies. Design, engineering, math, strategy and gracious professionalism form the heart of Renaissance Robotics.


Overhead robot crane with claw.


Computer slide show of past work and work in progress. Operating “Time Saver” HO layout to demonstrate quality and construction techniques of model railroads built be my company.


Maker Pipe is a simple, affordable, easy-to use system of connectors that pairs with inexpensive electrical conduit you can find at any hardware store. The result is a building platform with endless possibilities!


Treasure Coast Maker Space is a community based facility where a variety of tools and equipment are offered under one roof. We hope to inspire other like minded people to come in and create, design, and invent. Our goal and mission is to kick start all generations to collaborate and to rejuvenate homegrown fabrication and innovation that’s gotten away from us. To become producers and not simply consumers.


We are a School MakerSpace program. We started in September 2014. Our students meet once a week after school to learn about 3D printing, robotics, electronics, and computer programming. Our students were introduced to these topics in the fall and chose a project for our first MakerFaire that they would complete during the spring semester. It has been a very busy year, but has been amazing. We enjoyed showing off what we learned at our MakerFaire and we would like to showcase our projects at the Orlando MakerFaire.


A show and tell of the work Roundtable and its crew have done on major theme parks and movies as well as the plethora of bizzar personal projects ranging from sculptures to giant cosplay.


Breathing new life into antique books by using the pages as canvas for illustrations. AND Showcase eye pleasing pop culture parodies as mini posters.


In this instructional video, I demonstrate how to fabricate a handmade Coiled Wire Component using straight copper wire.


Now from SKIP, the creator of the giant 20ft. banana installation entitled, “Exploita El Tercer Mundo,” comes something vaguely similar to something that we are already quite familiar with! It’s Franchise Industries’ “Game of Stones” table-top edition.


This is a Chevy S-10 pickup truck that has been converted to be powered by an electric motor. The battery modules from a wrecked Nissan Leaf were used for the main battery pack.


an improv puppet troupe that creates on the spot interaction with guests. We bring fun and laughs to every event.

puppet group 2

Handcrafted mixed media robot sculptures created by combining polymer clay, coiled wire and paint. Robots up for adoption and DIY paint kits available for children.


Boca Bearings will be showcasing some of their sponsored projects, including the full-body 3D scanner, the toolbox 3D printer, the heads-up rover, the wireless 3D printed hand, and other items.


Running and in progress builds of robots from Star Wars


Metal 3D Printing will soon be a reality for everyone. 3d print your parts in real metal, not plastic. Strong, hard, and durable 3d printed metal parts can be used on your motorcycle or car, you can print your own metal tools to use in your workshop, make parts for RC drones, cars, and planes, create custom parts for home or business.

Ability3D Square Logo

The Florida 501st Garrison is the Florida chapter of The 501st Legion, a world wide Star Wars costuming organization. Our members come from all walks of life and from all across the state with one common trait, The Empire!


A 220lb Sportsman Class combat robot. More info to come as the build progresses!


Highly modified children’s electric toy car, hacked into something so fast and scary even some adults dare not ride.


We create flying drones for learning education and fun from the oddest things. Kits that include what you need to get started making your own Drone from LEGO Bricks.


Handmade steampunk jewelry, clothing and accessories.


Demonstrate tools and processes used in Familab’s new DIY-BioTech lab.


Bacon Builders FIRST LEGO League Team 8265 just completed a very successful season! Some of our accomplishments this year: *2016 Central Florida Regional Champion *2016 Florida State Championship Robot Design 1st Place *2016 Razorback International Invitational Tournament Robot Alliance 1st Place Winner. We love to share our passion for STEM and robotics. Team members are very knowledgeable about all facets of FIRST LEGO League—Robot Game, Project, & Core Values.


I will exhibit my Makerbot 3D printer and Desktop scanner, show off my models. I have the mini-jet ski water jet, printed people, John Hancock building w/ simple circuit for flashing led lights, models that I am using for lost pla casting, a prototype injection mold 3D printed, plus others.


RostockMAX v2 kit, assembled and operational.


Mobile Classroom and Maker/Hacker space


MEOWSER incorporates a rock collection with LED lighting and touch screen interface, a computer with periodic table and touch screen interface, and Arduino/Integrated Circuit middle-ware.


Learn about Pepakura Papercraft models. Create your own papercraft on printed cardstock.


Learn how to make your own LED flower crowns, LED necklaces, light up bowties and other fun wearable projects!

LED Flower Necklace Learn to Solder Kit featured image

Award winning steampunk style art, and cosplay props


CUT/SEW – an Orlando-based independent sewing pattern company – displays modernized and simplified sewing patterns with styles inspired by street fashion and cosplay. The CUT/SEW creative team will be on-site to demo traditional patternmaking techniques for creating super spiffy garments, and to discuss the UX influences they’ve brought into a centuries-old craft.


Print your own coaster set & check out science themed art.


We would like to display our walk thru immersive cardboard sculpture depicting dilapidated city buildings. Our exhibit would include a collaborative sculpture activity for attendees to work on throughout the event. It would be constructing a human figure out of upcycled materials such as cardboard and plastic. Please see the cat photo for style.


We love to share our knowledge of robotics, 3D Printing, radio controlled airplanes, micro-controllers, and other Maker projects. We are passionate about strengthening the community by increasing STEM / STEAM skills (i.e., Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math), for all people, and supporting education for everyone… preschoolers through retirees.


Our goals: * To share of the love of sewing with others * To inspire people of all ages * To demonstrate a time-honored tradition * To display various items for sale to raise funds for educational activities


Members of the Central Florida Steampunk Association will be displaying various examples of prop making and costuming, which includes leather working, simple electronics, steam power, sewing, jewelry making, and much more.


A number of entries from the inaugural kinetic derby on February 27th, 2016 will be on display with their creators available to explain the build process and why they made them.


Adventuring Company offers art and apparel by artist Lee Bretschneider.


Hand shaped and hollowed ceramic instruments.


iBrick Academy will be offering information on upcoming programs, camps, after school programs and more.

James Jones Photo

Drag Racing Belt Sanders

The DuinoKit was designed to be a fun and interesting hands-on kit to introduce people to Arduino electronics.

Ess and Jr kit

Come meet the Witch Doctor and Shaman from BattleBots! The 250lb multi-bot will be showing off its battle scars while Andrea, Mike, and Paul will be available for questions throughout the day.

Introducing my newest creative design project… LIGHTLINKS ™ Distinctive Ornaments Personal adornments to home décor ornaments Beaded Screens & Panels, Beaded Hangings, Indoor/Outdoor Home Décor & Ornaments, Fan Pulls & Keychains Jewelry: Earrings,Bracelets, Earrrings and Necklaces


Demo of simple DIY hardware and software you can build for hearing and recording bat echolocation calls. Detect bats flying over your house even when it’s too dark to spot them.


Tampa Hackerspace


Once you have your great idea, how do you convert that into a product? Inventors’ Council of Central Florida offers free guidance to help you navigate the product development world. Participate in market surveys which will define future products and WIN PRIZES. Come to one of our meetings on the first Saturday of each month.

ICCF Logo 492x492

“ReCycles” are art bicycles made from recycled items we use in everyday life. They are a new way of looking at pre-used items (junk!); Imaginative, creative and best of all – Recycled!


Origami, Accessories, and Handmade Collectables


See the evolution of an Arduino-based software application for aviation through the product WINGBUG. Learn how pilot’s can Fly Smarter using the portable device, how it was made and what it means for the aviation community.

Full Color_Black Background_Landscape

Mixed Media Art


From unstable Gnomes trying to sell used magic wands, to battle-hardened Earth soldiers trying to colonize an alien paradise, SixToes Publishing has a story for you!

Robert Wills Book 1=One Piece cover=Lulu-1-4bleed

The exhibit will display a prototype delta CNC router, a delta style 3D printer and examples of rapid prototyping. A wind thing that is made from 3D printed parts. A model engine to house a usb drive. We have incorporated the wind thing into a hat which is worn by John Hildebrand.


Display of 3D printed models and items


Alien Operation! Check out our kid-made, Raspberry Pi and Scratch-powered jumbo-sized operation game! While flying through the galaxy, Cthulu and his girlfriend Yshemibeth were in a galactic collision that sent them hurtling through space to earth, and straight into the roof of MacFoodie’s. Our alien heroes have suffered some fast food-related casualties, and they need your help to repair the damage before time runs out!


Old, broken circuit boards find new life as geeky jewelry and accessories.

copper circle neckllaces

Sappho Chocolates will be doing demo of chocolate making using a variety of molds and discussing the science of chocolate making.

Milleium Falcon and Ti Fighters 1

Science vs Bedtime: a timeless struggle. Solved, thanks to automation. Newly available tech including 3D-printers, laser-cutters, open-source communities, and affordable solar cells has made a new era of public sculptural concepts possible. Step into the Wifi BotSpot and access the experiences of this mechanically sculptural, retro-futuristic, public informational resource.


We are the Curiosity Hacked: Guild 019 Gainesville. We will be partnering with Wizzbangz llc. to exhibit our Laser Tag guns in a laser tag target practice booth as well as helping them to run the air rocket make and take.


the Making of beef jerky step by step, from, whole raw meat, to seasoning and curing, to drying and packaging.


Hands-on Projects: – Create your own Pixel Animations using our Pixel Maker App and download it to a wearable Arduino LED matrix – Play Robocup soccer using a Robotis Darwin Mini Robot and Android and iOS App – Build your own Mario Maker video game using Wii U Mario Maker (led by 8yr old Jr Maker) Make n Takes: – Build your own LED lantern – Build and race your own Brushbot Giveaways – 3D printed Pokemon characters and Bears (w/ bells in their bellies) as part of 3D printing demo – Matrix Flare Character Stickers


Come see some of the technology that is available at the Melrose Center!

Service Desk Melrose

We want to demonstrate and showcase the ULTIMATE 3D printer made from recycled shipping container. The unit is in prototype development and we are very excited to show it to the world.


We will host an ongoing Lockpick Village, in cooperation with Jacksonville TOOOL member Jess Hires, where attendees are free to learn, play, and socialize while enjoying mini-lectures and shared lockpicking advice. We will also have a special challenge course for sport-pickers to push their skills to the limits for the chance at the glory of a high score.


A beverage dispenser which combines maximum cooling efficiency with easy access to beverages within.


Explore solar cooking, photovoltaics, and hydrogen fuel cells. See the technologies in action, check out student projects and meet student makers.

maker faire orlando 2014 promo idea2

Custom Steampunk Leatherwares and more.

2014-08-10 11.46.04

Find out what is new at NASA/Kennedy Space Center and see the future of Space!

NASA Logo. (PRNewsFoto/NASA)

This LED light suit has 170 Pixel LEDs and is wirelessly controlled and synchronized to music!


Handmade steampunk jewelry, clothing and accessories.


Dog Powered Robot Labs features larger than life robot characters. Interact with robotic creations, sit in the DPR time machine or get your fortune read by a robot.