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FIRST Tech Challenge Team 5070 NUTS

A homemade wooden pipe organ that plays MIDI files

Geeky themed handmade all natural bath, beauty and spa products.

If you love home decor and hosting dinner parties, please come by and enjoy A Host of Things. I have invented the Original three-piece Connecting Table Runner for tables with leaves. You can host a dinner for two, then have a family gathering of 14, and the table runner with adjust and lengthen to your needs. The table runners come in two varieties, Holiday and Everyday and make great gifts. You’ll love how practical and beautiful this American Made product is as well as other home decor items such as contemporary wreaths and fabric photo books. Please stop by and say hi to Stefaney and Kelly!

Brooms of all shapes and sizes for the Witch or Wizard “on the go”. We provide the one-of-a-kind Artisan Made Brooms… You provide the magic!

A group of our Members have made a 400HP Tube Chassis SandRail style car that is street legal. The drive train is comprised of a mazda miata engine, 6 speed transmission, and runs on Ethanol (E85) that is locally sourced from Indian River State College lab.

Sappho Chocolates will be doing demo of chocolate making using a variety of molds and discussing the science of chocolate making.

Breathing new life into antique books by using the pages as canvas for illustrations. AND Showcase eye pleasing pop culture parodies as mini posters.

Find out what is new at NASA/Kennedy Space Center and see the future of Space!

Original Paintings, Giclees and paper prints, Artwork jewelry

Demonstration of products created by Hi Rel Data, a division of MAEALLEN LLC. ACON Systems N System

Tampa Hackerspace

This exhibit will show off the various gaming abilities of the Raspberry Pi, as well as having a handout to build your own flappy bird clone in scratch.

Display of 3D printed models and items

Hand made wind chime in different variation tune melody chord (major, minor ,soft ,alto) C ,D , E, F, G, A, B in different geometric configuration pipe triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, octagon in aluminum, copper or bronze, You can make one or I make you one.

Silly And Savory shop (SASs) on Etsy specializes in handmade cards and altered apparel. We hand cut paper, design images, carve linoleum plates, and manually print cards using a travel size printing press. At Maker Faire this year we will be showcasing handmade cards as well as the Dinosaur Hoodie- altered outerwear. It features 5 plush spikes down the back of the hoodie and a plush tail approximately 18 inches long. From the front these alterations will go largely unnoticed, making for a perfect sneak attack.

Pop culture, kid-friendly art, pins, magnets and coloring pages for all ages!

Activity Travel Case (*Patent Pending*) is an exciting new way that allows kids to keep entertained for hours. Road trips will never be the same! Don’t forget to check us out on Kickstarter, starting October 25th!

A talk show about a wide variety of topics

Pick your robots search and defense strategies and watch it compete in a thrilling game of robot combat!

Human Powered Snow Cones

Want to look techno-chic at Maker Faire? Check out the coolest wearable craft project in town. TechnoChic DIY light-up paper flowers let you customize and create your own paper flower design, then light it up and wear it for all to see!

My 3rd version solar oven that tracks the sun automatically and has self-contained power

Demonstrate tools and processes used in Familab’s new DIY-BioTech lab.

Showcase of Rapid Prototyping projects by Valencia College students.

We grabbed some hardware store materials, a few laser pointers, and wrangled a couple of engineers to help us make a jewel-heist style laser maze game for kids.

Automotive security the instant you need it.

Kinetic sculptures that explore the use of various medium to create intriguing pieces that mesmerize all ages.

Planetary Strike is an abstract strategic board game that takes your mind beyond chess with a round checkered board for 2 to 6 players.

Bringing a Steampunk modern past time to light at this years Maker Fair, a race of miniature sizes in the name of Tea. Can you cross the finish line in time? Bring your Tea Racer and find out if you have what it takes.

info here

A show and tell of the work Roundtable and its crew have done on major theme parks and movies as well as the plethora of bizzar personal projects ranging from sculptures to giant cosplay.

Overhead robot crane with magnet for picking up items.

FIRST Tech Challenge team 6090 Rockstar Robotics

A beverage dispenser which combines maximum cooling efficiency with easy access to beverages within.

fighting robots

Demo of simple DIY hardware and software you can build for hearing and recording bat echolocation calls. Detect bats flying over your house even when it’s too dark to spot them.

This photo booth will allow participants to pose with various props and take a photo of themselves. Photos will be uploaded to the internet for participants to download and share via social media.

Alien Operation! Check out our kid-made, Raspberry Pi and Scratch-powered jumbo-sized operation game! While flying through the galaxy, Cthulu and his girlfriend Yshemibeth were in a galactic collision that sent them hurtling through space to earth, and straight into the roof of MacFoodie’s. Our alien heroes have suffered some fast food-related casualties, and they need your help to repair the damage before time runs out!

Quaker Overnight Oats

Can you solve it and save your life in five minutes? We’ve created a short-format room with puzzles that showcase the various fabrication shops we have at Tampa Hackerspace.

Robot Gear For Humans

Learn the process of creating armor and replica props from local supplies.

Computer slide show of past work and work in progress. Operating “Time Saver” HO layout to demonstrate quality and construction techniques of model railroads built be my company.

Boca Bearings will be showcasing some of their sponsored projects, including the full-body 3D scanner, the toolbox 3D printer, the heads-up rover, the wireless 3D printed hand, and other items.

We are just starting to create anything and everything we can get our hands on. We will have mostly vinyl decals and stickers.we have a bunch of ready made decals AND we are of course bringing our Klic N Kut so you can pick a design and watch how a decal is cut. We love a challenge so custom designs are very welcome!

Our students love to show off what they make! IfSpace Makers will be bringing robotics projects, their Jr. FIRST Lego League project, cardboard creations, electronics projects featuring Raspberry Pi and Arduino, LOGO drawbots, and more! Prepare to be inspired by their energy and creativity!

Create your own Pixel Animations using our Pixel Maker App and learn how to download your code to a wearable Arduino LED matrix (free workshop), build your own Mario Maker video game using Wii U Mario Maker and upload it to Mario Central (free), Make and Take LED Lantern kits (free) and pick up a 3D printed bear (free) or gyro fidget (free) (while supplies last).

Custom hand built concept cars.

Interested in bringing a product to life? Come to our booth to see what goes into making real life products. From prototyping with an Arduino to testing plastics for injection molding… We will educate you about the whole development process.

We create flying drones for learning education and fun from the oddest things. Kits that include what you need to get started making your own Drone from LEGO Bricks.

Maker Pipe is a simple, affordable, easy-to use system of connectors that pairs with inexpensive electrical conduit you can find at any hardware store. The result is a building platform with endless possibilities!

I will exhibit my Makerbot 3D printer and Desktop scanner, show off my models. I have the mini-jet ski water jet, printed people, John Hancock building w/ simple circuit for flashing led lights, models that I am using for lost pla casting, a prototype injection mold 3D printed, plus others.

Custom Steampunk Leatherwares and more.

The Florida 501st Garrison is the Florida chapter of The 501st Legion, a world wide Star Wars costuming organization. Our members come from all walks of life and from all across the state with one common trait, The Empire!

Lunar Knights is a robotics mining organization at the University of Central Florida. Our goal is to compete at NASA’s Robotics Mining Competition and to educate people about the importance of mining in space. Our team consists of students of all engineering disciplines who have a passion for space exploration!

In this basic soldering workshop, Moldover will take you through the steps to build your own Light-Theremin CD case

We offer help with any step of the way from concept through to production. We can illuminate the process and offer tips to success and avoiding common pitfalls.

Learn simple wire wrapping techniques using up cycled kiln fired wine bottle rings to make a pendant. Come see our bottle wind chimes with fused glass clangers, fused glass candle holders and screens, framed mosaic glass pictures, dichroic pendants and other items we make. Be sure to check out our upcoming classes if you’re interested in trying glass for yourself.

Handmade fun dog tug toys.

I sell and make Geeky crafts like plushes, keychains, bookmarks and more. I have heard alot about this show from other people that have done the show in the past. We will be having Diy kits for sale in our both. This is a first for us. We will have paper pumpkin bookmark and ghost ornament kits for $1 each. We will also have felt pumpkin ornament for $2 each. This is while supplies last. You can either take these home to make or do them at our table.

Science vs Bedtime: a timeless struggle. Solved, thanks to automation. Newly available tech including 3D-printers, laser-cutters, open-source communities, and affordable solar cells has made a new era of public sculptural concepts possible. Step into the Wifi BotSpot and access the experiences of this mechanically sculptural, retro-futuristic, public informational resource.

I’d like to show folks how simple it is to connect a solar panel to battery and then to some common devices …. desk lamps, phone chargers, water fountains, etcera.

Members of the Central Florida Steampunk Association will be displaying various examples of prop making and costuming, which includes leather working, simple electronics, steam power, sewing, jewelry making, and much more.

Making of some basic tools and implements in a home made forge.

Shadowy enigmas interact with one another until visitors step into this fully immersive exhibit by C.R. Barnett. The four pillars first appear shy, but become more “talkative” as they get comfortable with visiting newcomers. Preview the highly anticipated Art31 pop-up exhibition before the A&H event opens March 3, 2017. More information is available,

FIRST Robotics Team 4013 Clockwork Mania

ciciDstudio is a jewelry and accessory design studio specializing in rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair clips, mirrors and more. Resin is combined with gemstones, glitter, fantasy film, dried flowers and other objects to create a unique, one of a kind piece that cannot be duplicated. Other items are created with metals, gemstones, leather and more. The items are colorful, bold, modern, whimsical, fun and sophisticated.

Interact with kids and adults with a kinect and a projector.

A team of members at our facility has just come together and decided to make a competitive entrant for the 2016 Power Racer Exhibition Race. Come See us at the Power Racer Section to ask the team any questions about our build. Pictures will be up as soon as we have em.

Come see how I turn my original drawings, items from nature, carvings, and other design ideas into metal pieces using Precious Metal Clay. The finished pieces are pure fine silver, copper, nickel silver, and bronze. If you want to try it yourself, sign up for classes (to be held in November) where you design and create your own original pieces.

Our mission is to inspire youth using 4-H principles along with the tenets of gracious professionalism to explore science and technology through a mentor based program, which develops leadership and life skills while encouraging innovation, creative solutions to engineering and technical challenges.

Insert Imagination is a DIY system used to design, prototype, beta-test, and create copies of modern board games. The system’s components include reusable boxes, boards, tiles, cards, pawns, tokens, counters, spinners/Etc…

Recover resources from pallets to produce many different items. In this workshop we will create a wall hanging wine rack.

People will be able to make their own mini monster! I will also have kits available for purchase.

Now from SKIP, the creator of the giant 20ft. banana installation entitled, “Exploita El Tercer Mundo,” comes something vaguely similar to something that we are already quite familiar with! It’s Franchise Industries’ “Game of Stones” table-top edition.

Steampunk, Victorian Inspired Jewelry You can Wear Everyday! chaordic = orderly chaos that’s me 😉

Traditional sprayers cause hand fatigue but now you can SprayMo® with less work! SprayMo® (which is currently under development) is a new multi-use pressure sprayer that requires 10X less effort than conventional sprayers. Fewer pumps means less hand fatigue.

just a 14 year old making cosplay, prop, engineered invention(solar skateboard) and concepts ect

ChipScapes are artworks made from taking pictures of microscopic computer chips. By using special lighting and angles, bright colors are created to make interesting art. ChipScapes include the chip images, history of the chips, and the actual chips themselves. Explore to learn more. SteamTronix are unique original pieces of art based on computer chips, no two are the same. My jewelry sometimes uses upcycled old electronic parts, sometimes my ChipScapes artwork (see below), and sometimes both. SteamTronix borrows from Steam Punk, Cyber Punk, and Art Deco styles. I enjoy the creative process and love to share technology. Art speaks all languages, even binary. Explore to learn more

DazzleGlaze is a reduced-chemical nail polish that currently comes in over 150 different shades and finishes. It is free of five of the major chemicals a consumer will find in commercial polish (toluene, camphor, DBP, formaldehyde, and formaldehyde resin). It is also vegan-friendly because we don’t use any colorants that contain animal ingredients (such as carmine). If you’re looking for something cool and different, DazzleGlaze offers several thermal polish shades that change color based on temperature, as well as cuticle oil, hand scrubs, body splash sprays, and nail soaks made with all-natural ingredients.

Expecto Patronum! Banish Dementors with this Harry Potter Magic Wand Augmented / Virtual Reality Experience.

Drag Racing Belt Sanders

Dog Powered Robot Labs features larger than life robot characters. Interact with robotic creations, sit in the DPR time machine or get your fortune read by a robot.

Play games on a hybrid game platform using physical and virtual elements. Join the game live from your own phone.

A place to meet and interact with Moldover, and play with the unique “playable-packaging” instruments he has created

i make hand created beaded jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, earrings. I also use old broken jewelry and repurpose it making it into necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Multi-colored laser projector attached to an analog synthesizer to create laser abstract patterns.

One of the very few manufacturers of 3D printers specializing in printing clay/ceramics.

We will be fighting our robots!

Sewn and Print craft makers join forces as Geeky Chic. Come see our buttons, bags, screen printed tees and more. Make and take a button for an activity fee of $1.

We make upcycled items.

Old, broken circuit boards find new life as geeky jewelry and accessories.

Highly modified children’s electric toy car, hacked into something so fast and scary even some adults dare not ride.

We will be exhibiting our three-bound combat robot MARC. We will have a board with pictures that display the process we went through to build MARC and explain how we worked through our problems to create the battle robot we have today. If space provides, we will allow others to test drive our robot.

Amazing miracles, and fantastic magic. Probably also cards!

MEOWSER incorporates a rock collection with LED lighting and touch screen interface, a computer with periodic table and touch screen interface, and Arduino/Integrated Circuit middle-ware.

This exhibit will show a few drones and servo testers demonstrating how to control brush less motors and servos. we also have a drone simulation program for people to play with on a laptop and usb drone remote.

Participate in a multiplayer interactive gaming experience using XBox Kinect to fly your own personalized robot and collect points. Use your own hands to power and control different types of lights (LED, CFL, and incandescent) and compare power usage. Also get a chance to see different electronic sensors, microprocessor boards, and get hands-on experience with batteries and multi-meters.

FIRST® K-12 STEM education programs use robot challenges to build science and technology skills and interests, in a character driven experience that also inspires self-confidence, leadership, and life skills. At Maker Faire Orlando, guests can see student built robots and LEGO models, talk to students, drive their robots and learn how FIRST inspires our next generation of science & technology leaders.

Ever wanted to teleport to some distant location? Well you can almost do it with a telepresence robot. Drive our robots around and see through their cameras from anywhere in the world!

Among the Adult Fan of LEGO Conventions and Expositions, a popular theme is the Great Ball Contraption. Think of Rube Goldberg and you have the basic concept down, only the whole this is made with LEGO bricks and elements. Using soccer and basketballs that came in LEGO sets in 2002-2004 time frame the object is to pass these balls from one module to another using any means possible. Come watch the amazing engineering that goes into moving balls from one place to another. There will also be other LEGO creations including robots and engineering displays.

The “3d Mechanical Hand – Maker Movement” that was inspired by two strangers (a prop maker from the USA and a carpenter from South Africa) that came together from 10,000 miles apart – to create a prosthetic hand device for a small child in South Africa …and then gave the plans away – for free…so that those in need of the device could make them for themselves or have someone make it for them. What originally started out as a couple of guys who created something to help one child in need…has grown into a world wide movement of tinkerers, engineers, 3D print enthusiasts, occupational therapists, university professors, designers, parents, families, artists, students, teachers and people who just want to make a difference.

Do you have a hobby that you love and want to share with others online but don’t know how to get started? Here’s your chance to observe YouTube channel personalities doing just that! Watch as we show what it takes and how easy it is to get started.

Quality Education Begins At Home! Sweeten up story time for your little ones with TEBie and his adventures! This curious, jade-eyed boy will accompany parents and children on a grand tour through history that will instill character traits of success in your child. Based on famous historical figures, this cuddly plush doll is available with a combination of over 35 pieces of delightfully detailed costumes and colorful accessories; 6 different exciting bilingual story scrolls in both English and Chinese; a 32-page character-building activity book in English, Chinese and Mandarin Pinyin; and online access to 12 e-books and 18 audio files in Cantonese, English and Mandarin spoken by native speakers. Children can role play while picking up essential life lessons. Ideal for treating your child or gifting to a friend, TEBie, this premium educational toy is sure to delight!

Two people at a time can ply some yarn on a specially built wheel, and each take a short sample of the yarn with them. You can also watch someone spin yarn on a wheel and weave fabric on a rigid heddle loom.

Come meet the Witch Doctor and Shaman from BattleBots! The 250lb multi-bot will be showing off its battle scars while Andrea, Mike, and Paul will be available for questions throughout the day.

Learn how to make your own LED flower crowns, LED necklaces, Glow bowties and other fun wearable projects! Stop by the booth to sign up for our 1 hour “make your own Light Up bowtie” classes! All classes are capped at 10 students/class. Last year our classes sold out within the first hour of Maker Faire, so make sure you sign up early! Classes will be taught at the “Wearables Workshop” booth periodically throughout the weekend.

Self Published Comic book creator, writer, artist.

A fun and educational opportunity for children ages 6-12.

Hackerspace Built CNC Milling Machine, Autonomous $160 NASA Competition Robot and a Ghost Tri-Copter

we will have 9 combat robots weighing from 150 grams (about the weight of a smartphone) up to 220 pounds.

Come see some of the technology that is available at the Melrose Center!

Steam Power Wheels Racer

Two road worthy combat robot noobs.

Trashmaster Doug Rhodehamel takes the things you throw away and makes them into wonderful creations that will astound you… like a 5 foot X-wing fighter made completely of junk and equipped with a bunch of lights and sound for you to play with!

Introducing my newest creative design project…LIGHTLINKS ™ Distinctive Ornaments Personal adornments to home décor ornaments Beaded Screens & Panels, Beaded Hangings, Indoor/Outdoor Home Décor & Ornaments, Fan Pulls & Keychains Jewelry: Earrings,Bracelets, Earrrings and Necklaces

The StrandMaus is a small 8-legged robotic walking contraption based on Theo Jansen’s Strandbeest.

FIRST robotics team 5842 Royal Robotics

We want to demonstrate and showcase the ULTIMATE 3D printer made from recycled shipping container. The unit is in prototype development and we are very excited to show it to the world.

The DuinoKit was designed to be a fun and interesting hands-on kit to introduce people to Arduino electronics.

Print your own coaster set & check out science themed art!

There will be multiple jerky demonstrations scheduled throughout the weekend, as well as show and tell sessions on running my dehydrator display using an arduino.

Come see the Retro Arcade Coffee Tables made by our member @projectsupra with Treasure Coast Makerspace. We will have other activities to participate in as well as a make and take activity. be sure to connect with us on social media for continuous updates.

Rings, necklaces, bracelets, guitar pick holders made from 3D printed designs. Created in pewter, silver and copper. Plating and patina effects available on some designs.

Kumihimo – the ancient Japanese art of braiding – provides products for many modern applications. Try your hand at creating a braid using traditional equipment.

Candle Capsule is a unique patented tealight candle holder that secretly hides 16oz of space. This product is capable of not only storing small items like money, gift cards, jewelry and more. This product can also be used as a nightlight or a vase. How you ask? It’s all on how you choose to use or what is place inside this multipurpose hand crafted product line. Many designs to choose from. Great for personal or gifting uses.

an improv puppet troupe that creates on the spot interaction with guests. We bring fun and laughs to every event.

wood cutting to make wine racks, condiment caddy, tablet stand, etc.

Low-Tek will be bringing two 3 pound combat robots for the ‘Battles at Maker Faire 2016’ event.

We are a School MakerSpace program. We started in September 2014. Our students meet once a week after school to learn about 3D printing, robotics, electronics, and computer programming. Our students were introduced to these topics in the fall and chose a project for our first MakerFaire that they would complete during the spring semester. It has been a very busy year, but has been amazing. We enjoyed showing off what we learned at our MakerFaire and we would like to showcase our projects at the Orlando MakerFaire.

Metal 3D Printing will soon be a reality for everyone. 3d print your parts in real metal, not plastic. Strong, hard, and durable 3d printed metal parts can be used on your motorcycle or car, you can print your own metal tools to use in your workshop, make parts for RC drones, cars, and planes, create custom parts for home or business.

The Peoples’ Artist showcasing and sellign premium quality fine digital art and design.

Award winning steampunk/fantasy/scifi style art, special effects, and props for tv, film, theater, or cosplay use, plus writing techiniques to create good steampunk stories

d8′ table (2 chairs) to sell books, art prints and t-shirts. Will also have space at table to encourage Maker Faire Guests to “Draw Your Own Zombie,” these will be posted online after the show. We would also like to have an operating Orion Delta 3D printer at the table as well.

The N scale model railroad layout covers many scenes from Jacksonville, FL to Folkston, GA.

My invention is a (Pacifier) that will began to teach are 3 month old their (name) the number (1-2) as well as the word (bottle). these are the many 3 words that are spoken to are children when they begin to speak, and it is never to soon to start speaking to are children.

This LED light suit has 170 Pixel LEDs and is wirelessly controlled and synchronized to music! The entire exhibit will be synchronized to music!

Bacon Builders FIRST LEGO League Team 8265 just completed a very successful season! Some of our accomplishments this year: *2016 Central Florida Regional Champion *2016 Florida State Championship Robot Design 1st Place *2016 Razorback International Invitational Tournament Robot Alliance 1st Place Winner. We love to share our passion for STEM and robotics. Team members are very knowledgeable about all facets of FIRST LEGO League—Robot Game, Project, & Core Values.

Costumes and cosplay are a super creative and fun way to make and engage with your creativity. There are so many different forms of media that you can turn to when looking to make an exciting costume, including your own original character. That is why this year I am going to race through the crowds as my creation: Myself! Well a big fluffy dog form of myself, but me none the less. Expect lots of wags and fist bumps from this fuzzy animal, and please feel free to say hello! Id love to share the process of making mascot costumes and answer any questions one may have about this elaborate form of cosplay.

We will host an ongoing Lockpick Village, in cooperation with Jacksonville TOOOL member Jess Hires, where attendees are free to learn, play, and socialize while enjoying mini-lectures and shared lockpicking advice.

We love to share our knowledge of robotics, 3D Printing, radio controlled airplanes, micro-controllers, and other Maker projects. We are passionate about strengthening the community by increasing STEM / STEAM skills (i.e., Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math), for all people, and supporting education for everyone… preschoolers through retirees.

Our exhibit is based on miniature cars, tanks, planes, etc., and some small sculptures. We hope to display some of our best works, and to work on a project during the fair itself.

First FTC Team and FRC Teams

We will be demonstrating Ham Radio in multiple modes, including HF digital and voice communications. Patrons will have the opportunity to observe licensed amateurs operate or if they would like to experience it first hand, they can operate under supervision of one of our hams. More items may be added as we get closer.

We are the Curiosity Hacked: Guild 019 Gainesville. We will be partnering with Wizzbangz llc. to exhibit our Laser Tag guns in a laser tag target practice booth as well as helping them to run the air rocket make and take.

Origami, Accessories, and Handmade Collectables


Ozobot + Science Technology Robotics Engineering Arts and Math! Who is MaKey MaKey For? Artists, Kids, Educators, Engineers, Designers, Inventors, Makers… Really it is for everyone!

Barnes & Noble is a proud sponsor and exclusive retail partner of the Flagship Maker Faires in the U.S. this year, including the World Maker Faire in New York City on October 1 & 2. Visit the B&N Pop-Up Shop at Maker Faire for product demonstrations and to check out the latest Make products and books.

Terecook is a small group of family and friends, crafting and inventing in Lake County. Come check out how far we’ve come and how far we want to go!

Moldover performs original live electronic music on instruments he designs himself

E.T. Bicycle Experience and more!

14-year-old digital artist

We will be exhibiting and selling the Tiertime 3D printers. See working models of the award winning UP Box and UP Mini 2.

This Rover it´s made with pure passion. The robot has the following capabilities: – It can be controlled remotely, over 800 metres of distance thanks to its 100mW transmitter, and to its 600 mw video transmitter. – It has Bluetooth for set up the rover and control it in small distances. – It is completely autonomous thanks to its ultrasonic sonar mounted on a servo allowing the rover to avoid objects. – It has got two microcontrollers, one for reading the sensors and one for controlling the motors.

We make music with a Tesla coil. Its loud, its awesome!

A number of entries from the inaugural kinetic derby on February 27th, 2016 will be on display with their creators available to explain the build process and why they made them.

I will present perler beads in a large selection of art, jewelry and other goodies. Along side my purchasing selection, I would love to have the space to create a DIY table, and sell kits for taking them home!

Boca Bearings converted a standard Power Wheels into a Racing Power Wheels to participate in the Power Racing Series. The Power Racing Series is a series of races where teams race each other with power wheels that they have modified to go much faster than their stock speed. The series also includes an endurance race of 75 minutes. It’s a series where people can learn new things and skills and to simply have fun.

Interested in the Internet of Things but not sure where to get started? The Orlando IoT Meetup is for you. We are a community of entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and yes, makers, all with the shared vision that the Internet of Things can help us transform the world around us.

We would like to display our walk thru immersive cardboard sculpture depicting dilapidated city buildings. Our exhibit would include a collaborative sculpture activity for attendees to work on throughout the event. It would be constructing a larger than life sculpture of a bird figure out of upcycled materials such as cardboard and plastic. Please see the cat photo for style.

The C.R.U., or Cooperative Relativity Unit, is an interactive time-travel simulator for teams of two, which challenges them to communicate efficiently and work as a team to survive.

Pick a piece of old electronics and start disassembling. Learn about electronic components and have a lot of fun! Waiver required.

FIRST Tech Challenge Team 7341 F.R.E.N.C.H F.R.I.E.S.

Solar Energy Contractor

Models and puzzles crafted using a laser-cutter and CNC machines. Fun to assemble and even more fun to play with!!

This exhibit features handmade quilt projects that are functional and beautiful.

We will be showing our Android app “Ecko”. We will also be showing some other new programs created. We will also be bringing a robot.

Handcrafted Fair Trade, Eco & Animal Friendly Bath & Body ,

Handcrafted Bath, Body, & Aromatherapy

Exhibit shows the first prototypes and shows the problems to overcome.

We will have several lockpicking challenges available for experienced sport-pickers including a multi-stage, large scale, time-based challenge. Participants will be able to compete for the event’s high-score to win a prize.

Handmade bags, lanyards and wallets with geek/comic themes

chainmaile creations and accessories. Her husband The Blue Fool will also be joining her with his card game Dead Ends.

Students from SSMS will be showcasing repurposed/ upcycled original items they created that otherwise would have been discarded. Recycled Re-Creations!

The Central Florida Fair would like to engage and promote the many STEM programs, events and contest that we will host during the 105th Annual Central Florida Fair (March 2-19, 2017). We will bring hand-outs and information regarding these programs, events and contests; in addition to providing a few hands-on activities for our visitors to get excited about the Fair and our STEM programs.

The exhibit will showcase works done by the artist.

FIRST Lego League Team 4323 – B.E.E.s

Its a Giant Scooter and child driven spirograph that draws chalk design on a chalk board floor.

FIRST Lego League Team 7404 C.A.K.E. B.A.T.T.E.R.S.

An engaging and whimsical form of Encaustic art on wood and canvas.

Your arcade, handmade. Custom arcade cabinets and solutions made to order.

We are a Makerspace and will show various projects and tools from the space and its members

Highly modified power wheels racer with a Mad Max: Fury Road theme

I create traditional art work from pencil and pen on paper and color them digitally. I also create print transfer on to wood.

People of all ages can have fun learning how to make melt-and-pour soap, while creating their very own to take home. We’ll provide a variety of scents and colors, and even 3D printed letters and shapes that you can put into your soap.

Pottery and ceramic Art for sale, plus live artist demos all day with crowd interaction.

Crochet amigurumi animals and dolls, hats, scarves and more.

This exhibit will introduce people to vacuum forming plastics to make everyday items.

A 220lb Sportsman Class combat robot. More info to come as the build progresses!

Come meet freelance illustrator Kate Carleton and see her make art and comics!

ShapeOko3 CNC Milling Machine

Dancing Oobleck Art Box, homemade instruments, and other maker projects!

Handmade steampunk jewelry, clothing and accessories.

The exhibit will display a prototype CNC rod bending machine, a delta style 3D printer and examples of rapid prototyping. A wind thing that is made from 3D printed parts. A model engine to house a usb drive. We have incorporated the wind thing into a hat which is worn by John Hildebrand.

Renaissance Robotics is a mostly homeschooled, community based FIRST Tech Challenge team that has been competing in the Central Florida area since 2012 . FIRST Tech Challenge is a STEM education program for grades 7-12, using robots playing in a sports type model. FIRST has STEM education opportunities for grades K-12th. Are you a Jouster? or a Jester? Come see us and test your skill with Renaissance Robotics’ new Joust-Bots! Can you beat the Gauntlet? The field of robotics is a modern day renaissance where many arts come together to birth new technologies. Design, engineering, math, strategy and gracious professionalism form the heart of Renaissance Robotics.

An intrepid group of FIRST alumni work together to build an FTC robot in 1 weekend!

Established in 2012, Maker|Bright supports the global maker community with Raspberry Pi and related development boards and accessories.

Parons can participate in an organically growing Community based Public Art Project

FIRST Lego League Jr. Team

Using a combination of science and art we make props and costumes for the use of cosplay.

FIRST Tech Challenge Team 7477 Super 7

Once you have your great idea, how do you convert that into a product? Inventors’ Council of Central Florida offers free guidance to help you navigate the product development world. Participate in market surveys which will define future products and WIN PRIZES. Come to one of our meetings on the first Saturday of each month.

This is a Chevy S-10 pickup truck that has been converted to be powered by an electric motor. The battery modules from a wrecked Nissan Leaf were used for the main battery pack.

We are Gra-V Robotics (FRC 5816) building out of Orange Technical College in Orlando, Florida.

The PEW or “Projectile Emulation Weapon” is a laser gun that knocks down targets in a shooting gallery.

We will exhibit how robotics and computer graphics are used in manufacturing to help them be more efficient and profitable. In addition, we will display several products manufactured in Florida.

Stop by the Art & History Museums – Maitland display for interactive demos by some of our favorite artists. Witness traditional woodworking demonstrations and see the ancient art of Encaustics.

CUT/SEW – an Orlando-based independent sewing pattern company – displays modernized and simplified sewing patterns with styles inspired by street fashion and cosplay. The CUT/SEW creative team will be on-site to demo traditional patternmaking techniques for creating super spiffy garments, and to discuss the UX influences they’ve brought into a centuries-old craft.

Sci Chic will be showing off fashions made using advanced technologies inspired by science and engineering. Come see everything from how we 3D print our plastic and metal jewelry to a dress created using a combination of fabric and 3D printing!

Pen and Ink, Watercolor, Wood.

I make avant guard art dollz that are a bit odd. They are a combination of creepy and beautiful– scary and pretty.

The Photo and Stamp exhibit focuses on the artist’s ability to capture the beauty in everyday life through mixed media compositions. Each unique piece ranges from matted 3-Dimensional photo cards to jewelry to functional artwork, such as coasters, wine charm rings, and even birdhouses.

The Small Aerial Camera Transport System (SACTS) from Fern Creek Electronics Inc (FCE) is to be a smaller and easier to transport version of the cable-supported camera system which is often used over the field at football games. There is likely to be a market for a system which can easily be transported and installed at smaller venues – perhaps at a music festival. The SACTS is designed to be used across an area 100 feet square with the support cables attached to 30-foot tall towers or other supports. It is designed to support a cameras/gimbal payload weight of twenty pounds.

Running and in progress builds of robots from Star Wars

Team Miles is a leading competitor in the NASA CubeQuest Challenge. The challenge offers $5.5 million in prizes for teams and will provide launch services on the 2018 NASA SLS-EM1 mission for the top three teams. They are building a 6U CubeSat intended to orbit the moon and travel to deep space to the vicinity of Mars.

FamiLAB’s mission is to be a community that fosters learning and creativity through hands-on projects, collaboration, and the sharing of skills & tools to improve ourselves and enrich the world around us. A few of our members have been working on some amazing projects including building our new space. Check out our booth to see what we’ve been making!

The power, majesty, and ferocity of lightning now captured in wooden objects like drumsticks, coasters, and bracelets. These objects are created by soaking wood in a special electrolyte solution and then passing over 2000 volts through them, permanently burning in an exquisitely beautiful and intricate lightning-like fractal. No two objects will ever be the same, and they are guaranteed one of a kind. This booth will include both these items for sale, as well as demonstrations of my hand-made Lichtenberg machine in all its glory as I electrify more items.

Presenting a replica prop from the 1960 Science Fiction classic, The Time Machine.


Showcase of the many chainmaille jewelry pieces linked together by Scott Moore with live demonstrations of works in progress.

Help show that it is entirely possible to make successful robots without expensive tooling machines or a large budget.

Our goals: * To share of the love of sewing with others * To inspire people of all ages * To demonstrate a time-honored tradition * To display various items for sale to raise funds for educational activities

We are moving the keyboard onto your fingertips! Introducing the DecaTxt one-handed Bluetooth mobile keyboard, designed for touch-typing on smartphones and tablets and computers. Remotely type without looking using ten keys positioned at your fingertips so that you can text safely and keep your eyes on more important things! DecaTxt produces every keystroke of a standard keyboard so you can write code from the couch or while lying in bed. Connect with your favorite devices using Bluetooth 4.x and unlock it, run your PowerPoint, search the web, start & stop a movie, change the volume and do it all without poking at little keys on a touch screen. It’s the easiest way to touch type and we what you to try it for yourself! See some of the steps it took to get it this far and see what we plan to make in the future!

Learn about Pepakura Papercraft models. Create your own papercraft on printed cardstock.

I hand make all natural skincare products which include Salt, Coffee, Sugar Scrubs, Bath Salt and Bombs, Chap Stick, and Body Butter!

We will be erecting a 15′ wide by 10′ tall archway welcoming makers and attendees, we invite you to help make it pretty!

Our project uses the Robot Operating System and Salesforce1 secure cloud technology (including secure video streaming) to create a sophisticated mobile Human-Robot interface to make both very productive. Our project used our technology to control a ROS Turtlebot with onboard 3-D Computer Vision to map the environment.

Power Wheels racing is fun!


Please note that due to the number of individuals, groups, and organizations participating, content is subject to change at any time.