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Central Florida’s most talented Makers and their awesome projects will be on display at Maker Faire Orlando 2014. Explore the categories below or view the entire list of over 175 Maker exhibits.

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List of 178 Makers (alphabetical by exhibit name)

2 color Charlieplexed MIDI X-Mas Tree

Arduino compatible (Teensy) X-mas tree that lights up in response to MIDI notes received via USB

Categories: Arduino   MIDI   Music   

3D Photo Booth

3d scan and print you in full color
Zero Point 3D
Categories: 3D Printing   3D Scanning   

3D Printer/PCB Drill

Converted a 3D printer to also drill holes in PCB's
Categories: 3D Printing   CNC   

Adaptive PS3 controllers

3d printed adaptive PS3 controllers for quadriplegics
Categories: 3D Printing   Gaming   

Adventuring Company

Adventuring Company is a Florida-grown Maker of quality art and apparel, est. 2011.
Adventuring Company, LLC
Categories: Art   Comics   

Ampersand School - Orlando's only K-12 Maker School

Inventions by our K-12 students designed during our first theme for the 2014-2015 school year.

Categories: Education   

Angel's Touch

I hand make 100% Natural Skincare products!

Categories: Craft   Handmade   


pet shampooing glove with changable pads.


Antisparkle is a clothing and accessories line spreading positivity via the humble t-shirt.
Categories: Craft   Handmade   

Arduino Solar Tracking system

Arduino powered Lego prototype solar tracking system

Categories: Arduino   Electronics   LEGO   Sustainability   

Artastic Collections

Designing and making your own clay jewelry
Artastic Collections
Categories: Craft   Handmade   

Baugher Boat Works

I build a vintage boat inspired cocktail bar.

Categories: Handmade   Woodworking   

Beautiful Chaos

Beautiful Chaos is an experimental art app designed for the Leap Motion Controller, a 3D motion control device that enables gestural interaction with a computer.

Categories: Art   

Big Susan Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle

The Big Susan Autonomous UGV provides fully autonomous steering, remote live First Person View (FPV) video, GPS/compass geolocation, and lane change based upon preset waypoints.

Categories: Electronics   Engineering   

Brassroots Leather

Custome Steampunk Leatherware, and Cosutming
Central Florida Steampunk Association
Categories: Art   Handmade   Steampunk   Sustainability   

Breathing new life into the pages of antique books

The pages found in antique books make for a unique artistic canvas.
Categories: Art   Upcycling   


A light weight portable device that catches Dog Poo before it hits the ground.
Inventors Society of South Florida - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Categories: Invention   

Central Florida Rocketry

Displays of low-power to high-power rockets

Categories: 3D Printing   Engineering   

Central Florida Steampunk Association

Steampunks who love Making!
Central Florida Steampunk Association
Categories: Steampunk   

Chocolate Making & Molding Demonstration

Sappho Chocolates will demo how to flavor, color and mold various types of chocolate.

Categories: Handmade   

Chords Display/Pedal for Musicians

Floor pedal connected to a display that allows a musician to show chords while jamming

Categories: Electronics   MIDI   Music   

Coaster Modeling Enthusiasts of Florida

The largest working K'Nex model roller coaster in Florida. Be amazed by the physics of roller coasters.
Coaster Modeling Enthusiasts of Florida
Categories: Engineering   

Coiled Basketry by Rachelle Guernsey

My hobby is creating one-of-a-kind coiled baskets out of raffia.

Categories: Art   Handmade   

Color Playing Kids

Kids 4-12 years of age get to select color scheme (cool - warm) learn about the attributes of their selected pallete and create wearable art (jewelry, collage, masks) to wear and have.

Categories: Art   Education   Handmade   

Concrete Carving, Woodworking, & Telephony with Art & History Museums - Maitland

Art & History Museums - Maitland will celebrate Maitland Art Center Founder André Smith's innovative work with concrete from the 1930s with an interactive demonstration. Also, get hands on with woodworking and telephony projects from the A&H's Carpentry Shop and Telephone Museums.


Crafty Dork

Handmade crochet creations
Jennifer Liceaga
Categories: Craft   Handmade   

Cross Stitch Artistry - by ChristiCrossStitch

I recreate favorite pictures and photos using counted cross stitch. I paint with thread instead of oil.

Categories: Art   Craft   Handmade   

Curiosity Machine

Watch, Build, and Share! Curiosity Machine connects children, scientists, and engineers so they can create together!
Categories: Education   

Custom Lego Minifigures

We design and build custom Lego Minifigures. This might be a Superhero, Video Game Character or even a Family Portrait.

Categories: Art   Handmade   

Custom Steampunk Jewelry

using up-cycling to take vintage or broken clock, watch and jewelry and converting it into beautiful, unique wearable art.

Categories: Craft   Steampunk   Upcycling   

Cybernath Labs - CRU

The CRU, or Cooperative Relativity Unit, is an interactive time-travel simulator for teams of two, which challenges them to communicate efficiently and work as a team in order to survive.

Categories: Arduino   Electronics   

D's & Raine Steam Art

Mixed Media And Steampunk Art

Categories: Art   Steampunk   

DazzleGlaze Nail Lacquer

Specializing in hand-mixed nail polish, DazzleGlaze will demonstrate color & glitter mixing and educate on the chemistry behind making reduced-chemical lacquer.

Categories: Handmade   

Delta Barista Robot Coffee Maker

Makers helping Makers with Professional Product Development and Production - from one to a bunch.

Categories: CNC   Electronics   Sponsor   

Delta CNC Router

A CNC Router in the style of a delta 3D printer
Tampa Hackerspace
Categories: CNC   Hackerspace   Makerspace   Tools   

DeltaMaker 3D Printer

DeltaMaker LLC is an Orlando-based 3D printer manufacturer.

Categories: 3D Printing   Sponsor   

DIY home AC control and zoning

Most homes have rooms that are either too hot or too cold. By controlling each room separately it is easier to correctly balance the homes temperatures and save energy costs. Come learn how to DIY home climate control. Join us in developing a community to fully develop DIY HVAC zone system.

Categories: Software   

DIY Homeowner AR

Augmented Reality for the Do-it-Yourself Homeowner, plus a bonus of furniture previews in your own home even before you buy!

Categories: Software   

Dog Powered Robot

low tech / high tech interactive robot characters

Categories: Art   Craft   Engineering   Handmade   


3D Printed Prosthetics

Categories: 3D Printing   3D Scanning   

Emma Popkin 3D Printed Soap

Emma Popkin teaches kids how to make personalised soap

Categories: 3D Printing   Craft   Handmade   

Eureka! Factory

Celebrating the DIY Creative Spirit With Hands-On Fun for All Ages!
Eureka! Factory
Categories: Education   Robotics   Upcycling   

Everything you ever wanted to know about Radio Controlled Aircraft

I plan to bring nearly 20 aircraft to display, talk about & possibly do a demo flight.
Chris Tate
Categories: Engineering   

Evolving the mobile keyboard

After 145 years of QWERTY, it is time to evolve the keyboard for tuchtyping on a mobile device without having to look. This will improve safety, make devices easier to access for the visually impared and provide every keystroke on your fingertips.
Tampa Bay Inventors Council
Categories: Invention   

Evo Prototyping - 7 Steps To Rapid Prototyping

A 7 step process to developing your idea into a product.

Categories: Invention   

FACTUR - Power Wheels Racers

Factur is building 2 power wheels racing cars.
Categories: Power Racing   

FACTUR - Wiki House

Factur will build and display a Wikihouse structure.
Categories: Hackerspace   Makerspace   Woodworking   


Central Florida's Hackerspace
Categories: Hackerspace   Maker Community   Makerspace   

FamiLab DiyBio Group

Controlling things with brainwaves, Fun with DNA, Glowing dinoflagellates, and more.
Categories: Education   Engineering   Hackerspace   

Fireball HD Pinball

Fireball HD Pinball is a 1976 pinball machine with all new electronics, controlled by a Raspberry Pi
Categories: Arcade   Arduino   Raspberry Pi   

FirePick Delta Electronics Manufacturing System and 3D printer

An affordable electronics-manufacturing robot that also 3d prints,
Categories: Electronics   

First Love Collection - Handcrafted Organic Products: Soap Time!

We offer all natural and organic hand crafted products including lip balms, sugar scrubs, candles, body butters and soaps for the whole family to enjoy!

Categories: Handmade   

Florida Biochar

Make your own biochar to supercharge your soil and be a small part of combating global warming.
Florida Biochar Initiative
Categories: Sustainability   

Florida Motion & Control - Automation Components

Florida Motion & Control is an 80/20 T-slot aluminum distributor. 80/20 is the industrial erector set...dream it, draw it and build it with 80/20 T-slot.
Florida Motion & Control
Categories: Engineering   Sponsor   

FRC Team 2152 Robotics Demonstration

Team 2152 would like to demonstrate their 2013 and 2014 competition robots.
Team 2152 - S*M*A*S*H
Categories: Education   FIRST   Robotics   

FreeFab 3D - Monolith 3D printer

FreeFab 3D is a team of friends who have come together to design and build 3D printers.

Categories: 3D Printing   

Free Play Florida

Minecraft Arcade
Free Play Florida
Categories: Arcade   

FRETS1 Satellite

A new miniature plasma engine and the satellite that will use it.
Tampa Hackerspace
Categories: Space   

Fun In The Sun - Solar Technology 101

Explore solar and other renewable energy technologies through hands-on, minds-on activities
Florida Solar Energy Center
Categories: Education   Engineering   Sustainability   

Future Cooler

A Cooler with enhanced functionality including interchangable lids. Lids provide functionality such as integrated pumps, solar, storage and audio.
none yet
Categories: Electronics   Invention   


Supplies for Makers
Sunshine Labs
Categories: Arduino   Electronics   Kits   

Geeky Chic

New and recycled fabrics are used to make cool and practical items.
Kathryn Robinson, Rene Martinez, Yanick Booz, Etta Jean Juge
Categories: Art   Handmade   Upcycling   

GFLUG Great Ball Contraption and other cool LEGO Projects

The Greater Florida LEGO User Group, an Adult Fan of LEGO club, will demonstrate the cool creations you can make with LEGO elements and bricks. The Great Ball Contraption is especially exciting with levers and simple machines moving balls from one machine to another.
Categories: Engineering   LEGO   


will have several fun and interesting creative props and make up creations

Categories: Education   Props   Special Effects   

Ham Radio

The Clearwater Amateur Radio Society has been asked to set up a Ham radio station for the Orlando Maker Faire. Guests of the show will be able to observe and operate the radio under the supervision of licensed amateur radio operators.
Clearwater Amateur Radio Society
Categories: Electronics   Engineering   

Ham radio satellites

A demonstration showing how to receive and communicate through amateur radio satellites

Categories: Engineering   

Hexadome Weather Station

An internet connected display showing current weather

Categories: Electronics   

Human Powered Snow Cones

The person makes a snow cone while running in a 8'tall hamster wheel

Categories: Engineering   Handmade   


Handmade bamboo musical instruments

Categories: Handmade   Music   

iBrick Academy LEGO/Tetrix Robots

iBrick Academy hosts camps, afterschool prgrams and creates a host of LEGO and Tetrix Robots. Stop by and see our latest creations!
iBrick Academy and James Jones
Categories: Education   Engineering   Robotics   

Incredible Inventions of Robert Klauka and Paul Porter

shows wheel driven axle and generator coupled together.
Robert Klauka and Paul Porter
Categories: Invention   

Indie Craft Exchange

Indie Craft Exchange is an Upcycle Craft Store. We also offer workshops in various different crafts.

Categories: Craft   Handmade   Upcycling   

Inventors Council of Central Florida

Inventors are Makers who are working at introducing their creation to the world market. Learn about what it takes to make a product.
Inventors Council of Central Florida
Categories: Invention   

J.A.R.V.I.S The Most Advanced Home Automation System

A voice recognition software used to control the house and help the user to do daily tasks.
Saad Ouiri, Thierry Anglade
Categories: Arduino   Electronics   

Jaycon Systems

DIY PCB, Components & Sensors - Bringing Ideas to Life
Jaycon Systems
Categories: Electronics   

Johnson Arms Replicas and Props

I make replica props from movies and video games using 3D printing. I also make custom Nerf blasters :)
Johnson Arms Replicas and Props
Categories: Props   Special Effects   Steampunk   

Joshua's Telepresence Robot

A robot that takes the place of a human
Melbourne Makerspace
Categories: Robotics   

Justin Peterson

Comics and art

Categories: Art   Comics   Illustration   Sponsor   

Krafty Kelly Kreations

Upcycled Products
Kelly McCullagh
Categories: Craft   Handmade   

Learn to Solder

Make your own Red Robot with blinking LED eyes!

Categories: Workshop   

Life Is 3D

3D images created with custom 'stereo' equipment

Categories: Photography   

Live-display race-car simulator

Race-car simulator with real gauges.

Categories: Electronics   Engineering   

Living Alpha - Dream It... Live It... Preserve It!!!

Living Alpha is all about motivational quotes,dream and goal setting management tools,success,motivation,scrapbooking,inspiration,journal,video,free online journal,pictures and free sms.
Alan McBrearty, Inventor and Co-Founder Living Alpha
Categories: Invention   

Lock Pick Village

Introduction to how locks work, and how they can be manipulated.
Jax Locksport
Categories: Engineering   


The finest, most unique, hand crafted creations.

Categories: Craft   Handmade   

Lowbrow Art Productions - Leatherwork & Fine Art

Christo Falero will be creating custom leather works while artist and Painter Alex Calderon paints on site.
Lowbrow Art Productions LLC
Categories: Art   

Marshmallow Cannon

This is an air Cannon made of PVC to withstand pressures above 100 psi. Its original intend was to shoot marshmallows at very high speeds, but can be used to shoot just about anything.

Categories: Engineering   

Math and Marbled Art

Fractal and marbled artwork display.

Categories: Art   


A huge MendelMax 3D printer

Categories: 3D Printing   

Melbourne Makerspace

A Makerspace from Melbourne, FL
Melbourne Makerspace
Categories: Hackerspace   

Melissa Frascati

Mixed media art using coffee as the main ingredient. Learn how to create one of a kind art using coffee. DIY!


Merchmakr Screen Printing

BYOT Bring Your Own T-shirt, then screen print it using Merchmakr!
DIY Screen Printing Supplies
Categories: Craft   Handmade   Invention   Workshop   

MIDI cues display

Box to display cues to a musician when performing with a recorded sequence.

Categories: Arduino   MIDI   Music   

Minecraft Raspberry Pi edition Python demo

Minecraft Raspberry Pi edition Python demo will show the set up for the MCPi edition neopixel exercise.
Categories: Gaming   Raspberry Pi   

Most Efficient Recreational Swim Fin - MaxAir

When it comes to swimming underwater air consumption is king. We will show you the development process for making fins which make swimming easy.
Inventors Council of Central Florida
Categories: Engineering   Invention   

Moto Roto tyne Machine v1.2

Roto Moto Tyne Machine is a motor driven electro acoustic music sequencer.
RutanMedia, FamiLAB
Categories: Handmade   Music   

Multi-use robotic workcell

4-axis modular workcell for multiple uses

Categories: 3D Printing   Robotics   Tools   

Musical Twister

This project turns the everyone's favorite party game into a music making activity.

Categories: Electronics   Engineering   

Music Box Making

Learn how cylinder music boxes work and make your own box.
The Musical Box Society International
Categories: Craft   Handmade   Music   

Mutant Vehicles

Ridable Art made for Burning Man Events
NakedMake, Land O Lakes, Florida Maker Space.
Categories: Sustainability   Vehicle   

NASA Kennedy Space Center

Find out what is happening now at NASA Kennedy Space Center! NASA/KSC Education will provide a space based photo opportunity and a hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) activity, for guests of Maker Faire Orlando.

Categories: Education   Engineering   Space   

NASA KSC Swamp Works

Kennedy Space Center's Swamp Works lab showing off some of its latest prototypes

Categories: Education   Engineering   Hackerspace   Space   

Nature Discovery Journal: Discovering Florida's Flora and Fauna

"Nature Discovery Journal" is an original illustrated journal. Students will learn about botany, plant identification, biology and nature conservancy in Central Florida.
Categories: Art   Education   Sustainability   

Nepchune's Noise Circus

I build synthesizer and noise circuits as well as instruments made from recycled materials. I demonstrate them and allow folks to play with them (and occaisionally buy them).
Eureka! Factory
Categories: Music   

Nerdy Derby

The Nerdy Derby is a miniature car building and racing competition inspired by the Cub Scouts' Pinewood Derby. With the option of fewer restrictions on the materials, size and construction of the cars can use, the Nerdy Derby rewards creativity, cleverness and ingenuity.
Nerdy Derby Orlando
Categories: Education   Engineering   

Nixaya's Crafts

Crochet geeky items including plushies, and bags.

Categories: Craft   Handmade   

NXT Robot Band

Robotic rock band made out of LEGO

Categories: LEGO   Music   


FIRST K-12 robotics make STEM education relevant, fun and engaging, providing real time, hands on learning for kids 6-18 and the adults who work with them. Guests can handle & drive student built robots in short obstacle courses; try out Robot C Virtual Worlds simulator, explore CAD models

Categories: FIRST   Robotics   

OpenBuilds & Ultimo - a Maker's Best Friend

Ultimo - first-in-class large format, multi-protocol fabrication center.
Ultimate Motion LLC and OpenBuilds LLC
Categories:    3D Printing   Arduino   CNC   Invention   Kits   Manufacturing   Robotics   Tools   Woodworking   

OpenGimbal Project

Upcycled Open Source Automated Telescope System

Categories: Space   Upcycling   

Open Source Beehives

The Open Source Beehives project is a collaborative response to the threat faced by bee populations in industrialized nations around the world.
Factur Orlando
Categories: Sustainability   

Optics & Photonics with LEGO(R) bricks

A low-cost, full functional Michelson interferometer with nanometer precision is build on a honey-comb optical breadboard, all constructed from LEGO(R) bricks. The installation demonstrates a creative approach of open hardware for young researchers in the field of optics and photonics.
Osnabrück University (GERMANY)
Categories: Electronics   Engineering   LEGO   

Orange County Library System

Hands On Demos in 3D Printing, Arduino and Electromagnets

Categories: Education   

Orange County Public Schools Career and Technical Education

Interactive exhibit of maker projects from each of Orange County's four technical centers. Inclusion of maker projects from elementary, middle and high school technical programs.
OCPS Tech Centers
Categories: Education   Maker Community   Sponsor   

Orlando Maker Faire App

Mobile Application for the 2014 Orlando Maker Faire

Categories: App   

Orlando Robotics & Makers Club

Promote and Share work from the club
Orlando Robotics & Maker Club
Categories: Robotics   

Other stuff I made

DIY parts for my electronic drum set and a cajon pick-up

Categories: Electronics   MIDI   Music   


Device that provides handles on all sides for all electronic tablets.

Categories: Invention   

Paint the Trail

Fence art along the Seminole Wekiva Trail.

Categories: Art   

PiPLAY - Raspberry Pi Gaming

PiPLAY - The gaming distro for the Raspberry Pi. Play classic games on your $35 linux computer!
Categories: Arcade   Gaming   Raspberry Pi   

Plane Spotting with Raspberry Pi

Spot planes using your Raspberry PI and the 'Net.
Valencia College, Division of Engineering and Computer Technology
Categories: Education   Engineering   Raspberry Pi   

Player 1 Retro Arcade Area

An interactive and learning experience for lovers of retro gaming and arcade builders!
Player 1 Video Game Bar
Categories: Arcade   Sponsor   

Pocket Fuzz with Felting Workshop

Learn about fiber art, try out needle felting, and check out some nerdy miniature sculptures.

Categories: Craft   Handmade   

Pocket knife mechanisms

How pocket knives work. How they open and how they lock to keep open safely.

Categories: Education   Engineering   

Pretty On Purpose

Pretty On Purpose applies STEM processes to the fabrication of natural and organic skin care products.

Categories: Education   Handmade   

Projects and Stories from the South Florida Makers Union

The Makers Union is a maker cooperative which serves as a central resource for organizations who support making and creating as well as a directory to help makers find and connect to each other.
Makers Union

PTATT Invention and Interactive Information Sharing Website

PTATT - Personal Travel and Adventure Tracking Towel, 1st Place Winner 2014 People's Choice Award Best New Product Invention
Alan McBrearty, Inventor and Co-Founder Alpha Sun & Sport
Categories: Invention   

punk rock white trash

this aint your mommas crochet
punk rock white trash
Categories: Craft   Handmade   

Qubits Construction Toy

Qubits is a modular toy that teaches Science, Math, Engineering and Architecture concepts. One uses their imagination to create and learn at the same time.

Categories: Education   Engineering   Invention   Kits   Robotics   

R2D2 Astromech Droid

R2D2 is a full size, fully functional droid that was built over a span of six years. We would like to share our droid with makers and Star Wars fans.

Categories: Robotics   

Randall Paints

Pop art featuring robots

Categories: Art   

Re-pourposed Crafts

I make Superhero capes, Harry Potter wands and pillows out of everyday items.


Rebecca Rose Sculpturings: The Bronze Collection

Wearable Art + Small Sculpture = Sculpturings
Rebecca Rose
Categories: Art   Handmade   

Reclaimed Whimsy Linocuts

Modern linocuts featuring the fantastical, the whimsical, and the everyday magical.

Categories: Craft   

Recycled Beautifully

Handmade Upcycled Wire-Wrapped Tree of Life Pendants

Categories: Upcycling   

ReDesign Studio - Steampunk/Gothic Jewelry and Artwork

I will be selling jewelry made from vintage watches, skulls and spent bullets-all completely designed and created by myself. I will also be selling pencil illustrations of steampunk and gothic images. .


Remote control self charging bot

RC Sun tracking self charging bot

Categories: Electronics   Robotics   

Robot Arms Race

Challenge your opponent to a robot arm duel! Complete the task before they do!

Categories: Robotics   

Robot Fights at Maker Faire

Combat robots returns to Orlando Maker Faire!

Categories: Engineering   Robotics   

Robot Pankcake Maker

Arduino automated Pancake maker

Categories: Arduino   

Roundtable Show & Tell

Show & tell with the artists of Roundtable Productions, a props, special effects, and theming company. Demonstrating various fabrication techniques and materials.
Roundtable Productions, LLC
Categories: Props   Special Effects   


Raspberry Pi Camera with Motion Control for Macrophotography
Categories: Arduino   Electronics   Raspberry Pi   

RunPee mobile app

Because movie theaters don't have pause buttons.

Categories: App   

S.A.C. (See Around Camera)

See Around Camera is an automobile safety feature
Peter Love Creations, LLC.
Categories: Invention   


Mini umbrella to shade your side table keeping your phone and drink out of the sun while you are in the sun.
Amy Griffith owner at Better Stuff LLC
Categories: Invention   

Shapeoko 2 Desktop CNC Milling Machine Kit - Assembled and Working

Demo of the Shapeoko 2 Desktop Milling Machine

Categories:    CNC   

Soap and Salt Studio

Handcrafted Handcrafted Artisan Skin Care Products and Soaps

Categories: Handmade   

Southern R2 Builders Group

we build R2-D2's from Star Wars
Southern R2 Builders Group
Categories: Engineering   Robotics   

Spin Me Right 'Round

A demonstration of spinning fibers into thread, with some minor hands-on availability.

Categories: Craft   Handmade   

SPORE Project by Doug Rhodehamel

Doug Rhodehamel turns ordinary lunch bags into paper bag mushrooms right before your very eyes! Learn how you can be part of the SPORE Project.

Categories: Art   Craft   Handmade   


Animatronic Learning Kits

Categories: Animatronics   Arduino   Education   Kits   

Startup Weekend Orlando - Maker Edition

54 Hour weekend bringing together entrepreneurs, developers, designers and makers to launch new products.

Categories: Maker Community   


Come interact with our animatronic robots and see how they were built using 3D printed parts, Arduino and Raspberry Pi controls.
SteamLabs Incorporated
Categories: Arduino   Engineering   Raspberry Pi   Robotics   Sponsor   

Stetson University

Interactive projects from students, faculty, staff and alumni of Stetson University featuring Innovation House and the Gillespie Museum
Stetson University
Categories: Arduino   Art   Education   Gaming   Puppets   Robotics   

Sunshine Art Glass: Fused Glass Art, Jewelry and Home Decor

What happens when you heat a piece of glass to over 1400 degrees?

Categories: Art   Handmade   

Sunshine Labs

Contract design and manufacturing to get your idea from concept to product!
Categories: Manufacturing   


Tah is an open platform for creating applications using the Bluetooth 4.0 standard
Group: Revealing Hour Creations
Categories: App   

TakeItApart - Electronics Recycling

Come and take stuff apart!
Categories: Education   Electronics   Engineering   

Tampa Hackerspace

We are a hackerspace in Tampa.
Tampa Hackerspace
Categories: Hackerspace   Maker Community   Makerspace   

The (Almost) Perpetual Pendulum

My Device is built to operate for Centuries. It is not Perpetual Motion...but it is close.

Categories: Electronics   Engineering   

The art of leather crafting

We see many things made from leather every day. Experience the great sense of reward when making it yourself.
Categories: Craft   Handmade   

The DC Village

Combine five or more alternative, clean energy sources at typical Interstate rest stops to provide DC power for recharging all electric and fuel cell vehicles. Surplus would be converted to AC and sent to the grid.
Organization: Wind Age, LLC (Florida Company)
Categories: Engineering   Sustainability   

The Ginger Bits

Custom handmade items for pets, kids, and kids at heart!

Categories: Craft   Handmade   

The IndieBox

Collector's Edition Indie Games Delivered to your Door Every Month
The IndieBox
Categories: Gaming   

The Maker Effect Foundation

The Maker Effect Foundation exists to activate and amplify the efforts of makers as they learn, build and work together in their communities. Visit us at Maker Faire Orlando to learn more about the Maker Movement in Central Florida and beyond.

Categories: Education   

The MinuteShelf

Portable, collapsible shelving unit.
Categories: Invention   

Thom Solo Art

Sci/Fi & Nerd Fandom Digital Illustrations

Categories: Art   Illustration   

Tinkering with Toys

A LEGO Display & A Hacked Raspberry Pi/Kinect/Nerf Gun
Orange LEGO User Group (OrangeLUG)
Categories: Engineering   LEGO   


Electronic Circuit

Categories: Electronics   

TROBO the Storytelling Robot

TROBO is a lovable plush companion and interactive storytelling app that gets kids 2-7 excited about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Categories: Education   Engineering   

Two Glassy Broads

We create unique glass items that are fun and functional. We use fusing glass as well as all sorts of recycled glass in our process to bring smiles and enjoyment.
Two Glassy Broads
Categories: Craft   Handmade   

USB Guitar pedal using Teensy

A modified Fender pedal with a microcontroller to work as a USB-MIDI device

Categories: Electronics   MIDI   Music   

Valencia College Engineering Division

What's going on at Valencia College's Engineering Division?


Virtual FootFlyer

Powered paragliding virtual reality simulator

Categories: Electronics   Engineering   

Wedding Dress of the Future

Illuminated Wedding Dress
Categories: Arduino   Electronics   


Hang Herbs, Orchids and Plants in Seconds with No Nails, Screws or Tools!
Inventors Society of South Florida - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Categories: Invention   

World's Smallest Oscilloscopes

The Xprotolab is a combination of three electronic instruments: a mixed signal oscilloscope, an arbitrary waveform generator, and a protocol sniffer; all housed in a small DIP module.
Categories: Electronics   

ZACLEY....Storage Unit

This is a wall mounted unit for cans and bottles storeage. It also serves as an easy pegboard storer for tools and nic-nacs.
John Gasper
Categories: Invention   

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