Power Racing

We are working to establish a Power Racing Series at Maker Faires across the southeast. If you are interested, PLEASE email us at makers@makerfaireorlando.com ASAP!

The Power Racing Series (adults racing on highly modified “Power Wheels” vehicles) will be holding an exhibition race at Orlando Mini Maker Faire.

We are looking for some slightly crazy people with just enough engineering talent to be dangerous. Individuals and teams (friends, businesses, organizations) are welcome to join in the fun and to compete for Power Racing bragging rights!

You’ll take a Power Wheels vehicle (craigslist has the best deals…), and modify it with a big electric motor, then pilot it around the track for glory!

You can keep it simple, or go crazy…



To enter the competition, email us at info@makerfaireorlando.com and we will send you the full information packet and help you get started on the road to victory! Sign up soon while there are still good vehicles on craigslist!


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  2. Hello my name is Ken Mahan

    Do the rules allow for two wheels? I have a razor mx 250 kids morotcycle that I am thinking about modifying. Any thoughts.


    Just saw your website from a posting at skycraft.


    • Ken, this race is specifically for converted Power Wheels vehicles, however we will have the track there all day, and if you would like to modify the razor motorcycle (those are electric, right?) you could show it off in a standard exhibit space, and we could schedule some time on the track for you to have fun :)

      If you are thinking seriously about it, send us an email at makers@makerfaireorlando.com to discuss…

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