2019 Maker Exhibits

Our “Call for Makers” is open until August 31st.  Click here to apply to exhibit at Maker Faire Orlando.

The MIDI-chlorian Collective will be showcasing their latest project: the MIDI Channel Mapper. This device allows you to map any input MIDI channel to any output MIDI channel with a user-friendly interface. We will be sharing our experience creating it as well as demonstrating how it is used with real musical instruments.
Combat fighting robots 1 lb and 150 gram categories
Unique and quirky painted rocks that are meant to bring joy, pass on to a friend as a random act as kindness or share with a loved one. Find one that matches your personality!
Learn simple wire wrapping techniques using up cycled kiln fired wine bottle rings to make a pendant. Or Christmas Ornament. Come see our bottle wind chimes with fused glass clangers, fused glass candle holders and screens, framed mosaic glass pictures, dichroic pendants and other items we make. Be sure to check out our upcoming classes if you're interested in trying glass for yourself.
Make a 1" or 2.25" button at Maker Faire Orlando using our art, or bring your own!
Stained glass demonstration
Mad Science brings hands-on Science and STEM to students across Central Florida. Come by and learn how creating and making using Science can be FUN!
The robot from the Battlebots television series will be there for people to see and the builders to ask questions and participate in panels.
MISSION STATUS : SICK --Combat Robotics: We will be competing with our ant-weight and beetle-weight robots and cheering like crazy for every competitor there!
Last year we completed a successful KickStarter campaign. This year we are looking forward to sharing with you our progress.
Professional Chocolatier, Kathryn Neel and her team will teach the art of creating molded chocolates using a variety of fun molds while discussing the art and science of chocolate making.
An electronic scavenger hunt using multiple IoT nodes scattered throughout Maker Faire.
chainmaile creations and accessories. Her husband The Blue Fool will also be joining her with his card game The Abandons which funded last year on kickstarter!
The Landspeeder is a bespoke power racing series car that will compete in the Orlando Power Racing Series event
Creating Comfort with Character since 2016
Come relieve the tension of your last minute build sessions with a massage!
Power Racing Series Entry, electric go-kart & drivers themed as characters from Dr.Quinn Medicine Woman.
I make avant guard art dollz that are a bit odd. They are a combination of creepy and beautiful-- scary and pretty.
A 1lb, three 30lb, and a 250lb combat robots.
Our mission is to inspire youth using 4-H principles along with the tenets of gracious professionalism to explore science and technology through a mentor based program, which develops leadership and life skills while encouraging innovation, creative solutions to engineering and technical challenges.
Power wheels racing series entry
Two combat robots competing in the antweight weight class.
Steampunk Inspired Leatherware and more.
cAn yOu Handle the eXtreme mAdness of bAd kItty COMBAT ROBOTS!
Nerdy suncatchers, hand painted on acrylic. They look like stained glass, but they are lightweight and shatter resistant. There will be finished pieces for sale, as well as sample pieces showing the various stages of creation.
I create hand- bound journals with hand dyed dyed pages and custom covers, altered (decorated) bottles in a wide variety of themes, clay creations such as dragons, birds, and bowls. I also create and assortment of small jewelry is: earrings and bracelets.
Daleks and how to build them. There are lots of build techniques to building one and lots of things you have to think about before building.
Team RocketCat Robotics from Kokomo, IN is bringing two combat robots to the Robot Ruckus! Each of these robots are brand new designs, and will be making their debut at Robot Ruckus 2019.
PiPlay - Gaming hardware for the Raspberry Pi. Play with the PiPlay Portable, PiPlay Deskcade, and the Nintendo Switch Arcade.
A table layout with a variety of 3D printed props, dioramas, etc....
Renaissance Robotics is a mostly homeschooled, community based FIRST Tech Challenge team that has been competing in the Central Florida area since 2012 . FIRST Tech Challenge is a STEM education program for grades 7-12, using robots playing in a sports type model. FIRST has STEM education opportunities for grades K-12th. Are you a Jouster? or a Jester? Come see us and test your skill with Renaissance Robotics' new Joust-Bots! Can you beat the Gauntlet? The field of robotics is a modern day renaissance where many arts come together to birth new technologies. Design, engineering, math, strategy and gracious professionalism form the heart of Renaissance Robotics.
Here for robot combat, entering two robots.
Building, designing and fighting robots.
FamiLAB’s mission is to be a community that fosters learning and creativity through hands-on projects, collaboration, and the sharing of skills & tools to improve ourselves and enrich the world around us. A few of our members have been working on some amazing projects including building our new space. Check out our booth to see what we've been making!
13X Studios Custom Hockey Masks. We make Friday the 13th, Horror and Pop Culture Masks.
ChipScapes are artworks made from taking pictures of microscopic computer chips. By using special lighting and angles, bright colors are created to make interesting art. ChipScapes include the chip images, history of the chips, and the actual chips themselves. My jewelry sometimes uses upcycled old electronic parts, sometimes my ChipScapes artwork (see below), and sometimes both. SteamTronix borrows from Steam Punk, Cyber Punk, and Art Deco styles. I enjoy the creative process and love to share technology. Art speaks all languages, even binary. Explore www.ChipScapes.com to learn more.
Bots FC is an international combat robotics team based out of Brooklyn, NY. They are the 2018 1st place and 2016 3rd place winners at Orlando Maker Faire Robot Ruckus, competed on the 2019 Battlebots TV series with “Shatter!”, and went undefeated on the Chinese TV show This Is Fighting Robots with “Blue”. Come see them fight in the combat robotics exhibition!
This is a 150 gram combat robot with a horizontal blade.
15lb neu disko combat robot
Mineral Element Browser (MEOWSER) is an interactive science exhibit about chemistry and rocks. The kids will love pointing at rocks and watching the the lighting and displays change.
MakerFX Makerspace is a program of The Maker Effect Foundation located in south Orlando.
A 250 pound Combat Robot that has competed on the TV show Battlebots.
Custom laser cut artwork.
Team Technocide will have three insect class robots including "Venom", "Recon" and "KRAWL".
heavyweight combat robot
We have electronic kits and supplies.
Come view Tantrum from TV's Battlebots, you may even see it running at 100%, a thing never before seen!
Now in our fourth season, Opera Orlando is thrilled to once again partner with Maker Faire Orlando for a weekend of making music. Join us on the outdoor stage Saturday and Sunday for performances featuring our extraordinarily talented local artists and youth company.
We will have our normal array of fighting robots, but we'd also like to setup a table where people can come get pictures with Kraken and ask questions about the 2018 BattleBots tournament.
Combat Robots
Dovah Design specializes in the creation of custom props, armor, and costumes from her home workshop in Longwood, FL. Specialties include foam carving, mold making, and custom prop design.
Variety of items created by Young Makers & adults including 3d printing, electronics, artwork, coding demos, cardboard construction, and more.
Ant weight combat robots: DinoSore and Slip.
Combat Robot team from Orlando, FL: We have 3 robots competing this year. Doomzday (Antweight), Cybershock (Beetleweight) and Sassy Pants (Dogeweight). Come on out and watch the carnage!!!
Our combat robotics team coming all the way from Connecticut to Orlando, to fight!
DaVinci Robotics Academy's STEM Club Students will be showcasing a wide variety of student projects including their JOUST-BOTS where Makers Faire attendees can test their robot driving skills on our ring jousting course. Are you a Jouster? or a Jester? Come see us and test your skill with our Joust-Bots! Additional static displays include Tetrix, EV3, Arduino, LEDs, Special Effects and more.
Hand cut artwork on wood, original illustrations, fan art, stickers, and more!
The Photo and Stamp exhibit focuses on the artist's ability to capture the beauty in everyday life through mixed media compositions. Each unique piece ranges from matted 3-Dimensional photo cards to jewelry to functional artwork, such as coasters, wine charm rings, and even birdhouses.
Have you ever looked inside a tape deck? Have you ever unwrapped a hard drive? Come learn about different tools and the inner workings of used electronics as you take them down to their bare components! Waiver required.
Fighting robots
Ali makes small sculptures of a few of everyone’s favorite characters from pop culture, each hand made and perfect to hang on your wall and brighten up any room. She’s been sculpting since she was a child, and now her favorite thing is sending her sculptures off to new homes where they’ll make no just her happy, but anyone who comes across them.
Low-Tek combat robotics team from Charleston, SC
Entry in Power Racing Series, Custom $500 electric go kart
Watercolor illustrations and sketchbooks, plus a painting station where I will paint live.
Hand Screen Printed Clothing for Sale. Original Art work and Screen Printing all done by HouseBroken Clothing.
Sculptures and other works with sculpting demo.
Kumihimo - the ancient Japanese art of braiding - provides products for many modern applications. Try your hand at creating a braid using traditional equipment.
S T E A M Powered Eco Fashion Accessories and Collectibles
3D Gloop! is a unique multi-purpose 3D printing adhesive compound. Use it to stick troubled prints to your build surface, create a bond between prints stronger than any other glue, or even smooth out the layer lines from FDM fabrication!
Origami, Accessories, and Handmade Collectables
Explore the world of Star Wars costuming and learn how to make your own Mandalorian armor!
Learn about Pepakura Papercraft models. Create your own papercraft on printed cardstock.
Sign up for a drone building workshop provided by 107 AVIATION. The workshop is based on multiple mechatronic design and engineering components. I'm open to ideas and suggestions.
Ra Kura is the Florida Base of the Rebel Legion – a worldwide Star Wars costuming organization comprised of and operated by Star Wars fans. Formed in 2000, the Rebel Legion is a global volunteer organization of enthusiasts who enjoy, express, and share their interest of quality Star Wars costuming with the fan community.
A static display of the 1st Generation 250 pound Combat Robot that has competed on the Discovery TV show Battlebots.
We will have no less than 1 Power Racer with us, and hopefully a 220 lb robot.
Canadian heavyweight multibot "Crash n' Burn" are making the trip to entertain YOU!
A shirt with touch sensors (based on an Instructable and Snap Circuits), plus handwoven fabric with touch sensors. Demo of spinning and weaving yarn. Free take-away activity.
I am an illustrator and comic book artists! I regularly create licensed artwork for properties such as; Star Wars, Spider-Man Homecoming, Stranger Things, Ant-Man 2, and many more. I’m currently working for Marvel Comics, Topps, Upper Deck, Cryptozoic Ent. and several other companies. I also create commissions for clients and fans from all over the world.
Our exhibit will consist of electronic components and kits for the kids. Along with hands on projects that the kids can build on site. and see the what Scientific principles can do.
Crystal Knockout is home to our reduced-chemical & vegan nail polish line! It also includes bath & body items, jewelry, and even art, all with the same themes: self-empowerment and a deep appreciation for the beauty of mother nature. While you will be able to check out a small selection of all our items, our centerpiece will be, as always, our handmade nail polish (including the ever-popular color-changing thermals!).
Back for the second year, now spinning in two weight classes!
17-year-old digital artist
This is for our combat robot team which plans to compete at the Robot Ruckus. We plan to bring our 30lb Sportsman robot "Reckoning."
Optics and Photonics is the science and technology of light: from powerful lasers, energy-efficient LEDs, to fiber communication and bio-medical imaging. Within our college, we host annual Optics Demonstration Design competitions where we ask photonics-major students to design and build setups that demonstrate the concepts and applications of optics, from topics as simple as the reflection and refraction of light, to technologies as complicated as optical communication and non-conventional imaging systems (Schilieren imaging, Holohram amd other "exotic photography"). They have been presented on CREOL’s Optics Day, STEM day, MakeFest (Orlando Science Center) and other outreach events.
We are debuting two combat robots; a 250 pound quadruped centaur robot named "Battlesuit: Hyperchicken" and a 30 pound sandwich robot named "Ham Slamwich Deluxe"! Both robots are fighting in Robot Ruckus!
Swing by our booth to program and race Dash robots through obstacle courses and mazes. See if you can beat the clock and race to the top of the leader board!
Its a pinball machine. With a Raspberry Pi. We made it. It's awesome.
Fake News (12 pounds) and Captain Doom (D2 kit) will join as a multibot.
fighting combat robots
Karen isn't making balloon sculptures today, she is teaching YOU how to make them. Make your own balloon hat to be sure you look good as you walk around the exhibit hall.
Hubert is a 3lb combat robot and my first attempt into the sport
Come meet the Witch Doctor from BattleBots! The 250lb multi-bot will be showing off its battle scars while Andrea, Mike, and Paul will be available for questions throughout the day.
SMART Lab 3.0 is a Pop-Up science museum for families to explore science concepts through hands-on activities.Each activity is designed and build to be interactive, engaging and fun.
We built a Mars rover to compete in the NASA Robotics Mining Competition
This is made with Acrylics and Resin on MDF Board. Shells used on this were hand picked from Sanibel Islands on the West Coast of Florida. This would be one of the many art pieces that I would like to display at the Faire.
Hand-crafted wood, metal and crochetted items. We recycle what others throw in the landfills.
Handmade recycled copper wire tree of life pendants
At this exhibit FRC Team 4118 Roaring Riptide will be demoing their robot from the past year, explaining some of their assistive technology solutions, and spreading awareness of FIRST in order to help bring STEM education to everyone. If you enjoy STEM and seeing how students are building the future, come see what Roaring Riptide is all about!
Human Powered Snow cones via an 8' tall hamster wheel
Educator Bringing Combat Robotics to the classroom
We build fast go karts on a college dorm room budget using 3dprinting, spare parts, and found materials.
250 pound fighting robot
250lb heavyweight combat robot.
Lift Off is a 30lb combat robot.
Four supremely awful robots are coming all the way to new york to fail catastrophically right in your home arena!
Learn basic pop up techniques to create your own card. Decorate it for any occasions.
Combat Robotics Team
I have created an app for musicians called Tonality – a comprehensive guide to chords, scales, and much more. It has tons of interactive features to demonstrate, including the ability to play it like a musical instrument, plug in a MIDI keyboard, or identify chords from acoustic instruments like guitars. Tonality is also accessible for the blind.
Orlando Maker Faire take 4.
The AP Bottle Racer Launcher features a double-launching mechanism
Running and in progress builds of robots from Star Wars
Mister Crabs provides Hermit Crab Shows with Touch Stations, Observation Stations, and Crab Race Comedy Shows. Learn about land hermit crabs that are native to Florida, see hundreds of their creative hermit crab homes including from Legos, shells, transparent glass, 3D printed and many others. Also participate in your create crab shell, create a Crabitat, and learn about our Adopt-a-Hermit program.
A display of three-dimensional stroboscopic zoetropes that I call Makertropes.
I will be once again entering a Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701 themed power racer.
An exhibition of the artistic works and whimsical creations by the founders and artists of Makers Hollow.
I create character designs for animation and video games.
One 15lb and two 1lb fighting robots!
250lb Combat Robot for Robot Rukus.
Antweight Combat Robot
250lb sportsman combat robot featuring identical twin 125lb multibots "Macaroni" and "Cheese"
A combat robotics team from Miami Florida.
Get Pixelated with Silly Rabbit Crafts and explore some awesome Perler items, and even make your OWN!
I love the YouTube channel SimplyNailogical and decided to make my power wheels holographic in honor of her. We built the car in 2017 and put together a website to show the process and updates. Be sure to check it out!
Showcase of Rapid Prototyping projects by Valencia College students.
Projects by Jeremy S. Cook, including several Jansen-style walkers, and other surprises!
Scratch build fully functional wall e robot
Heavyweight and 30 lb combat robots
This exhibit will show the robot created by JT Hall.
The Florida 501st Garrison is the Florida chapter of The 501st Legion, a world wide Star Wars costuming organization. Our members come from all walks of life and from all across the state with one common trait, The Empire!
Please note that due to the number of individuals, groups, and organizations participating, content is subject to change at any time.